The perfect gifts are the ones you create yourself, so we’ll show you different crafts for valentines day 2021. When a give handmade thingsIt is always a much more valued gift than if it is a purchase, since these handmade gifts are usually personalized for the person, they have been designed and created exclusively for them.


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, a date that has become an icon for lovers, without a doubt a handmade gift will be much more striking. In this article we want to provide several options for crafts for valentines day 2021, simple gifts for those who require a little more work.

Crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021 – Fabric hearts

valentine knitted hearts

The first Valentine’s gift What we’re talking about is the perhaps mundane idea of ​​giving hearts, but in this case they’re woven together giving them the extra need for work and planning, which shows how many time we devoted to this gift.

Once you have made these hearts, it will be time to ask yourself whether you want to make something bigger or give it away as is. Options we offer you:

  1. Turn them into a brooch with a safety pin on the back
  2. Make a collage-type painting with the different hearts
  3. You can create a photo frame with the different hearts and include a photo of a special moment
  4. If you like draperies for curtains, you can join them all with a thread, which does not stick out more than the hearts, and put it in your window.
  5. You can make a bouquet of hearts, make stems out of rolled paper, and glue those hearts to the top of them, as if they were roses.

Crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Cover for glasses

valentine's day coffee bag

We continue with another gift that you can give yourself at home for Valentine’s Day, whether you like coffee, a glass of milk or tea.

sachet of coffee san valentine steps

This gift is very easy to make, and although it does require some work, you don’t need as much time as in the previous case. We suggest you make a cover for a transparent cup or glass And that you decorate it with the typical motifs of this day of love, hearts, beautiful phrases and a lot of love.

make a valentines day coffee bag

To do this job all you need is simple and readily available materials: felt (choose the color you prefer), burlap, thread, needle and buttons.

sachet of san valentine coffee steps 2

The best of this option it offers Smile at monsters is that you can remove the cup cover when you need it thanks to the buttoned and buttoned closure that we created.

valentine coffee case steps 3

This will make it much easier for the holster to lasts longer, which can be washed in case it gets dirty and can even be transferred to other glasses.

Crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Love bridge

love deck valentine gift 3

Nothing more romantic for Valentine’s Day than to write 52 reasons why we love someone. The gift we offer you here is a deck worked manually to become a gift of love for Valentine’s Day.

All you have to do is get yourself a good deck of cards, preferably a good looking deck, in my case i would tell you that there is nothing better than an old deck or vintage style, to make it even more worked.

love bridge valentine gift

Create some smaller cards than the size of the cards, the more or less they can be centered on them.

In each of these cards, you must put one numeration and give a reason why you like this person.

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Pierce each of the cards with two holes on the same side. Then you just need to paste each card on the corresponding card.

Match all cards with certain rings and you already have your Valentine’s Day gift Which letter will you keep?

Crafts for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Edible gifts

Creating a craft that is as sweet as whoever you’re giving it to is a delicious way to let them know how you feel about them.

Do not think that these crafts will be difficult to create, nothing is further from the reality, because we have extremely easy and delicious, as well as showy options, which you can prepare quickly.

Cloud lollipops


If clouds are one of your favorite treats, this will be a delicious treat. To do it You will need: jelly candies, lollipop sticks or toothpicks (you have both options at the bazaar), fondant chocolate and sugar balls to decorate.

to put the melting chocolate in a bain-marie and when it is well melted, you remove it and let the temperature drop.

Click on a cloud with a lollipop stick; With a spoon, take liquid chocolate, pour it on the cloud and pass it quickly in a small plate full of sugar balls.


Bouquet of strawberry rosescraft-gifts-valentine-bouquet-roses-strawberries

A splendid and delicious gift that you can give for that person you love so much, because you don’t always have to give roses if you have a few available. strawberries, a lot of patience and long chopsticks.

It’s always best to have a few extra strawberries in case, with your nerves, the knife goes away and you leave a rose without its petal. In turn, it is also a gift to be do on short noticeSince strawberries can oxidize and lose some of that delicious flavor.

In the video that we show you below, you will be able to see how this wonder is made: