Making crafts from recycled plastic bottles is a nice, fun and very useful way to help care of the planet. It goes without saying that plastic bottles, resulting from the consumption of all kinds of drinks (sodas, juices, water, carbonated drinks), represent a big problem for the community, which finds the appropriate way to get rid of these. containers.

Crafts with recycled plastic bottles

This type of bottles can reach take 450 years to degrade. Of course elaborate crafts with recycled plastic bottles, is an activity that effectively contributes to solving the problem, especially if one takes into account that not only we will make decorative products, but also very useful complements and accessories.

Our article today will tell you about those crafts that we can do with recycled plastic bottles, classified into two parts: ideas on decoration products, and on the other hand, the products or accessories that provide us with a service, and that we can manufacture with recycled plastic bottles.

Crafts with recycled plastic bottles – Decoration

We will start with a beautiful Christmas garland, made with interlaced bottoms of bottles, with nylon threads and decorated with balls and leaves also made with PET bottles. Colors can be changed using clear painted bottles or by using bottles of different colors. The inks used for painting should be matt varnishes, in soft and delicate colors.

Crafts with recycled plastic bottles

A Christmas tree, made with PET bottles, is another example of craftsmanship with recycled plastic bottles. Place small flowers made with bottles, for an even more spectacular result. We can also make hydrangeas. Both flowers as the sheets are made with PET bottles. Ideal for decorating any environment.

The vase and the flowers are made with PET bottles. Without a doubt, it is a piece that will bring joy to your living room and will last for at least 450 years. The flowers and the vase can be painted with varnish in any color you want. We can also make pretty Christmas’ balls for our tree with recycled plastic bottles. The balls made from transparent bottles can be painted in bright colors, with glass varnish. They can be attached with thick wire, to hang from a tree or anywhere in the house, even outside windows.
How about making original vases that take advantage of the original reliefs on the bottle? To achieve this frosty effect, simply tie them together after being submerged in very hot water. We can also do rings, which will seem jewelry true according to our ability. To form the petals, you just need to cut them and shape them with a little fire. They can also be made bracelets, bracelets and The hills.
Just as we can make Christmas angels, we can make all the parts of the Christmas crib from recycled bottles. East easy, Fast and cheap.

Crafts with recycled plastic bottles
Finally, to close this chapter on decorative objects using recycled plastic bottlesWe can make a beautiful painting, for the home or for any office, but only suitable for the most daring. It is a work of art, natural and elegant, which has nothing to envy to traditional art.

Now on to the development of useful articles, which we can get with recycled plastic bottles. You will find pleasant surprises there.

Crafts with recycled plastic bottles – Utensils

An unsuspecting reader may think that making a sophisticated and stylish handbag can be extremely difficult. While, without a doubt, making a piece like this takes a lot of work, the truth is that it’s made with recycled dark color bottles. Of course, it can be made in other colors, using bottles of different colors. You can also use transparent bottles and paint them later.

Make a lamp with strips of PET bottles and, when finished, fix it to a structure in which the cables are fixed in a wooden table It is a simple and inexpensive idea that gives us a modern and sophisticated environment.

We can also make a beach chair or for the garden of the house with recycled plastic bottles. This is very easy and can be done using the structure of a deteriorated chair, intertwining the plastic bands. The range of colors is endless and the strength of the material ensures a new chair for many years to come.

With the same mechanics, interlocking plastic bands from recycled bottlesWe can make an organizer cube that will allow us to store laundry, children’s toys or magazines in the living room of the house.

To create a screen you need solid wood planks, with a bamboo or wooden frame. The panels are made of interlocking strips of bottle plastic. It can be used to give privacy to a part of the room, or simply as a decorative element.

The same process of separating the bands of plastic bottles and intertwine them, allows us to make these covers for books and notebooks. Thus, in addition to protecting them, they will give them a solidity and a unique appearance.

We have completed this chapter on the products of great utility that can be made with recycled plastic bottles, presenting the last option: a cylindrical pot that we can give countless uses. It is decorative and strong enough to withstand use and abuse.

Protective covers for mobile phones, toilet paper dispensers, necklaces, rugs, blinds, toys … the list is endless. Almost any product we use on a daily basis (not electronics of course) can be made from recycled plastic. Now it all depends on your desire to work and your creativity to develop these ideas. Good luck in this endeavor and see you next time.

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