When a certain date approaches, we always like to prepare special details so that the other person knows how much we care. There are those who like to buy expensive gifts and there are other people who prefer to look for something different like a getaway to a place where routine does not allow us to go. However, what can never be missing is a cute creative card.

Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we all love to read a nice message and full of love and affection. If you are looking for something more original than the traditional cards that can be found in stationery shops, here we tell you how to decorate beautiful cards for birthdays and anniversaries.

How To Make Creative Cards | materials

Before you start creating your cards, you should spend some time thinking about the idea you want to achieve. Contrary to popular belief, a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to express how we feel.

Using our creativity, we can create cards much more original and personalized than those available in store. In addition, the reuse of materials also benefits the environment.

To make your card creative, you can use a huge variety of materialslike cardboard, fabric, photographs, newspaper, buttons, etc. You can make a collage using items that remind you of special times together. For example, a piece of a ticket for an event you went to together, a design that reminds you of something, sand if you went to the beach, etc.

Here we will give you instructions for making a simple card on which to base yourself and from there you can let your imagination fly to be creative. The materials that we will need are:

  • A map
  • An envelope
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Free material: photographs, fabrics, lace, newspapers, etc.

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Creative cards for birthdays

If we give a card for a birthday, to decide what design we are going to use, we have to think about the recipient. If we are going to give it to a boy or a girl, we can use a lot more colors or make folding cards with a fun montage.

If we want to give the birthday card to an adult, for example a friend, we can write a nice message surrounded by many small pictures that we spent with that person. If it is a loved one, we can think of something much more meaningful.

Creative cards for birthdays

use creative cards for birthdays It’s a great way to let the other person know that you remember this date because of how important it is to you in your life. So that it doesn’t become monotonous every year, you have to make sure you are original every time.

You can take a photo similar to an old one that you have and put both on the map, to remind yourself of how, despite the passage of years, you stay as always.


Creative cards step by step

Once we have more or less clear how we want to decorate our card, it’s time to get started. We need to find a large space where we can work comfortably. For example, we can empty the large table in the room to comfortably place all the materials that we are going to use and that we have seen previously.

When we have everything, the next steps are.

We create the shape of the card

If we want you to have the traditional rectangular shape, we need to get A4 size card. In this case, we will only have to fold the cardboard in half, making sure to join the corners well so that it is not twisted.

If we choose different size, we can use a ruler and scissors to adjust to the desired size. Another possibility is to give the card a different shape. Maybe your friend is a bear lover and you want to cut out the right edge of the card in the shape of a bear body.

In case you already have an envelope that you like very much, you will need to cut the cardboard into a size that allows you to fit the card into the envelope. So later on, we won’t have any surprises. You must leave at least one 3cm space on each side so the card can be easily moved in and out of the envelope.

Choose a design according to your tastes

We have to customize the map keeping in mind who will be the card recipient, as we explained previously. You can decorate both the front of the card and its interior. An interesting idea is to put some kind of simple ornament on the cover, so as not to overload it, and to put something more sophisticated inside.

Write your message

You can be original and write a romantic or funny poem that you created or used a few lines of one that already exists and you like it very much. Remember that the important thing is to express what you want to convey to the person to whom you are giving the card.


Make a drawing or paste an image

If you have a good drawing hand, you can make a cartoon or a meaningful drawing of the person recipient of the card. If not, you can also print a photo and paste it on the card. Add a balloon with a funny phrase or message.

You can also write a short story or micro story.

Add the ornaments you like the most

This is the time for creativity. Match the ornaments you use with the particular tastes of the person receiving the card. Bright colors are more fun than more opaque ones, which makes you feel more cclassic and traditional.

For children we will choose shades bright and animated prints, while for adults, we can keep a more discreet tone. Make sure to include the person’s name to make it more personal.

As you can see, making creative cards is very easy and it will surely leave the other person a good memory.

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