Crepe paper flowers can make your home look original decoration and beautiful for many occasions. Learning how to do them is very easy with the instructions I bring you today.


For example so that you take this into account crafts for the next birthday of your daughter or when you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and you don’t know how to decorate your house, follow the step by step and place the crepe flowers as part of your home decoration.

Crepe paper flowers

First of all, to make crepe paper flowers, you will need the paper of the color you prefer, scissors, flexible thread, tape with the color that best matches the paper that you have chosen, buttons and silicone glue.

Take the paper and cut squares out of several of the layers of crepe paper. With more layers of paper, you will get a bulkier flower. Gather the layers of the squares you cut and zigzag one end. Apply glue along the wire then wrap it with a green ribbon to simulate the flower stem. Calculate half the paper and place the thread firmly as if you were tying the paper with the thread. Carefully separate each petal and open them, giving the flower the typical round shape.

You will now begin to decorate your crepe paper flower by placing a button in the center glued with glue. You can also decorate them by sticking more buttons and decorative ribbons on the rod, as the decoration will depend on the purpose of this craft. crepe flower color It will depend on whether it is decorating a party room or your house for a christening, in which case the ideal is to combine white and yellow flowers alluding to the papal flag, if your idea is to decorate the house for the Valentine’s Day, It is better to make the flowers with pink and red crepe paper, as it is the most romantic color to decorate your home.

Crepe paper flowers step by step

When you learn how to make pancake flowers step by step, you will realize that it is very easy and you will surely be encouraged to decorate your home with centerpieces, vases and all the ornaments that can hold flowers with this craft.

In fact, you can make them as big or as small as you want by cutting the wire which will be the rod, depending on the size you choose for your flowers, the size of which will be indicated by the squares you cut.

Step by step crepe paper flowers

Well, you just need patience and time, because at first your work may not be finished as expected, but with practice you will be able to make the most beautiful flowers. However, if you want your flowers to look natural, you should choose a pink paper, White, Yellow or red because these are the ones that most closely resemble natural roses and you can also use dry branches instead of the wire, but in this case you will have to glue the paper as the branch will not be able to bend to tie it.

But your paper rose bouquets will look more natural with a stem of a dry branch of a garden plant or tree. Then with your crepe paper of the chosen color you will cut strips. Then you are going to fold the edges, join all the strips and press down on the bottom part to hold the stem and make these strips in the shape of a rose. But remember that you will always give them the finish you want by decorating your flowers with ribbons and other details to make your flowers unique.

Quick and easy crepe paper flowers

In fact, flowers are part of the best decoration of a house, but when it comes to natural flowers, although they are aromatic and beautifulThey are not always as durable as you would like, they will fade and you need to renew them.

But paper flowers, in addition to being decorative, do not have an expiration date because, unless you have chosen the white color for your flowersIn a few days this white color will look yellowish and you will have to change it to another color or renew it with the white paper you like.

Easy and quick crepe paper flowers

In this case, you will cut crepe paper rectangles then you will fold them as if you were forming an accordion by cutting the ends in a curve. You will create a pompom by opening the petals of the flower. In the same way and with opposite colors or which combine with each other, you will create several pompoms and you will have formed several flowers that you can join with a ribbon to hang as decoration of your home. If you don’t want to hang the flowers instead of a ribbon, you can place a wire edged with green ribbon in the center of the flowers and place your crepe paper flowers inside a vase or several vases for decorate several tables for your party.

Crepe Paper Flowers Video

With the explanations you’ve read with different techniques, you don’t need to see a crepe paper flower video. You just need to devote yourself over time to making them, taking every step with you to finish your flowers, which by the way is much easier than you might think.

And even the materials you need are very few, because there are only three: crepe paper with the color of your taste and according to the occasion for which you will be decorating the house, flexible yarn to simulate the stem of the flower, scissors and your will so that these beautiful flowers made by you with crepe paper can not only be part of the decoration of your home but also be a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give as a gift for Valentine’s Day .

Without neglecting that if instead of wire you place a dry branch of a tree or a plant as a stem, your paper flowers will look totally natural and as a final idea you can perfume them by spraying them with your favorite scent.

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