Crystallized floors: What types of floors can crystallize? What is the process? What kind of maintenance is needed? …

crystallized floors

What is soil crystallization and how is it different? It is a floor treatment that protects and gives the floor a mirror shine. In essence, a transparent layer is created which, in addition to these characteristics, gives style and a “flawless floor” feeling.

It is often confused with floor polishing, but it is not the same. This is a process that uses wax to obtain shine. It is a cheaper treatment, less resistant and of inferior quality.

Can it be done on any type of soil?

No, almost limestone soils. For example, marble, granite, mosaic or mosaic.

How is the process of crystallization of a soil

marble crystallization treatment

The process is not overly complex. You need a rotating machine, steel wool and liquid crystallizer.

  1. The surface is cleaned to get rid of dirt and traces of previous treatments.
  2. The crystallizing liquid is applied and the steel wool rotary machine is passed over it. The ideal is by areas, because it is necessary to prevent the liquid from drying out.
  3. With friction and temperature, the crystallizing liquid crystallizes and gives us the desired look.

How many times is it necessary to redo the process?

The answer to this question is not very specific. Depends on the type of use and the transit of people that the soil suffers.

The great advantage of soil crystallization is that we can redo the process as many times as necessary without affecting the soil itself. In fact, the layer that suffers wear is the crystallized one.

Do crystallized floors need maintenance?

No. Daily cleaning is very simple, just a mop or vacuum cleaner and, from time to time, a simple scrub with water and mild soap. Once the finish loses its effect with wear, as we said, it can be reapplied.