What are the advantages of custom or custom furniture made by artisans and carpenters? What is the difference between them?

If what you are looking for is to transform your home into a unique space, designed for you, with your preferences, that adapts to your needs and expresses your personality, what you are looking for is custom-made furniture.Custom furniture

Decoration does not necessarily have to do with fashion, it has much more to do with the adoption of a personal style with which we feel comfortable, which is achieved by reflecting part of our personality.

There are several reasons why custom furniture may be your best option:

  • Better quality. Typically, when custom-made furniture is made, it receives much more attention than mass-produced furniture. In addition, the materials used are generally also of better quality.
  • Durability. It is correct to think that if the materials are better and the finish is specialized, the durability and resistance of the product will be greater.
  • Unique design. You can be [email protected] that no one will have another piece of furniture. Prefabricated furniture can be beautiful and look good, but there is nothing like the feeling of knowing that they are custom-made for you and your size. It’s like having a tailor-made suit instead of a department store.
  • Comfort. If the furniture is made to our liking, the resulting decoration will be to our liking, which will undoubtedly affect our comfort.
  • Fit to space. One of the reasons why many people turn to custom-made furniture is because they want to place it in a place with very specific dimensions or shapes, and if we want to have a really great result, this is the only solution, since the alternative is to visit hundreds from furniture stores to find something that suits us in half.
  • Benefits for the environment. In addition to the craftsman’s activity being potentially less polluting than that of the industry, it is necessary to take into account the best use of resources and even the reuse of materials to a greater degree.

Disadvantages of custom-made furniture

  • Cost. Although the manufacturing price does not have to be much higher than that of a mass-produced part, it is logical that it is higher. It is because industrial processes are not used that allow the introduction of economies of scale that reduce costs, because the carpenter who will manufacture this customized furniture does not buy the same quantities of raw material that an industry buys and, therefore, does not purchase them for the same price, and because more time and therefore labor are needed to manufacture. Despite all the cost, it does not need to be exaggeratedly higher, since mass production also has associated costs that bespoke furniture does not have, such as advertising, designer fees, insurance, transportation, etc.
  • Climate. If the need is immediate, it is possible that a personalized furniture is not the best solution, as it involves a process, first a design and planning phase and then the execution, which may take more or less time depending on the furniture.


  • Be wary of those who promise a lower price than the known furniture brands, they only achieve this by significantly reducing costs, which can affect the quality of materials, assembly, etc.
  • The experience. Experience is important in virtually all jobs, but especially in carpentry. Knowing how each wood behaves, mechanizations, finishes or even the times is something that can only be learned with years of experience.
  • Seek inspiration online, take pictures of furniture you like, browse magazines, etc. and show them to the professional to know exactly what they are talking about.