Would you like to be able to wear the underwear weeks without having to change or wash? Believe it or not, it is already possible. But this is not an invention to promote laziness of the young or impurity. It is an invention that seeks protect the environment.

Who had this idea?

The invention of this underwear that only needs to be washed twice a month is four danish boys. Some young people who have trained Organic bases.

For them, the most important thing is sustainable fashion, it’s their job. They got the idea to make underwear use silver as an ingredient. This material is 99.9% capable of killing bacteria.

What is the purpose of creating this underwear?

Although it seems that the intention of this invention is to help the laziest in matters of personal hygiene. The real intention of this innovation is to take care of the environment.

They seek to create a sustainable fashion. Reduce the cost of buying, washing, wearing and disposing of traditional underwear. As well as the resulting damage to the environment.

How are these underwear made?

Two thirds of the environmental impact is produced by washing and drying. The main material used to make these clothes is silver. A metal that is used by NASA to purify the water of the astronauts because it is antimicrobial.

The silver coating that these clothes bring, kills bacteria up to 99.9%. Without a doubt, avoiding that they emit an unpleasant odor.

This underwear can be worn for weeks. In other words, you reduce the waste of water and energy, while saving time and money.

The clothes are made with 100% recycled material. A silver and recycled nylon treatment is used. Be completely sustainable.

How is nylon recycled?

Nylon is mechanically recycled in Italy. It is made from fabric waste from factories, post-industrial waste and yarn from spinning mills. They are seamless clothes so that they are comfortable to wear for a long time.

How viable is this business?

Organic Brands engages with young consumers. His idea is to change his mentality by using well-known brands and to prefer the sustainability of his innovation.

Some studies indicate that it is a viable business. At least the 66% of global consumers they would be willing to pay a little more for durable underwear. And that 73% of Millennials would be willing to use the product.

These young people believe that the fashion industry is not helping to protect the environment. And they are determined to show that it is possible to make 100% sustainable clothing at a reasonable price.


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