Comes Halloween, that special time of the year when you can dress and decorate the house with terrifying or wizarding patterns. If we are to be true to the spirit of this ancient holiday, the decoration should focus on the witches. If we want to stick to the more current festivities, we can include material from horror movies, or follow the influence of the United States and include their famous cut-eyed pumpkins. Now if we want to be environmentally friendly, and we don’t want to contribute tons of waste afterwards Halloween, the ideal is to use only as a base recycled materials for decoration.

The Halloween theme to decorate the house

Decorate a house for Halloween with recycled materials

Halloween is a celebration that stems from the Halloween. It is also known as NocI have for witches or Halloween. It has its distant origin in European Celtic culture and is celebrated on the night of October 31.

Halloween lamps-pewter

It took root mainly in countries of Anglo-Saxon origin, but it was in the United States that it acquired its current commercial characteristic, like everything the Americans play. They are the ones who attributed the celebration of Halloween to its waste culture, which is why it is generally associated with a large number of disposable decorations which produce several garbage bags per household at the end of the holiday Halloween night.

So many families have decided this to have fun in this original and entertaining holiday, and not stray from their idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking care of the environment, always thinking about it. recycling, they bet on an interior decoration with recycled or reused materials.

Decorate the house for Halloween with recycled materials

If we want to make a good decoration of Halloween in the true style of the horror movies that made him famous all over the world, we must have the famous Pumpkin lanterns calls Halloween Pumpkin. But remember, no waste and no waste.

Halloween decorate house recycling

To do this, the ideal is to accumulate the pumpkins that we eat in previous weeks. If we don’t eat often, let’s do it the previous month Halloween, and let’s collect the pumpkins. Eating pumpkin won’t hurt us, and we can pick up the edible from the pumpkin with care, without damaging the outside. Remove everything, so that it does not rot if we keep them for a long time.

To do this, an adjuvant is made on it with a knife, a perfect circle. Without pulling this circle, since then we will place it as a cork. Once we have removed the filling (and eaten it) we can make the eyes, nose and mouth, also with a knife. This way we have our Halloween Pumpkin without wasting, just think ahead.

If we are not to eat pumpkins, we can make a typical decoration, reusing cans. To do this, again, we need to be proactive and conserve the cans that are eaten in the home. Then we can cover them with orange paper and draw eyes and a mouth, as we can see in the photo.

Another recyclable tip to make the Halloween Pumpkin is recycling soda bottles. The best are the plastic Coke of 2 liters or more. Although the others go there too. For this they will have to cut the bottle. What interests us is the lower part, which if you look at it closely, when you turn it over, it is shaped like a pumpkin.

If we put two of them together, we can make a pumpkin or just leave it upside down. If we paint it orange, it will even serve as a flashlight, placing LEDs inside. Or they just fill it with orange paper.

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