A simple floor lamp, it can be drastically transformed with the help and recycling of 14 PET bottles and masking tape. We will be able to take advantage of these lamps that we had already planned to withdraw.

We will first paint the lamp in silver, so that it more closely matches the transparency of the bottles.

Now we’re going to give it the PET touch.

We cut the bottles to the height shown in the picture.

bottle lamp3

When cut they should look like this (notice how one is smaller than the other):

bottle lamp4

We fit into each other:

bottle lamp5

The date can be removed with nail polish.

Now we’ll need the silver duct tape rings to join them:

bottle lamp6

We can now start stacking them.

bottle lamp7

Intertwine the bottle balloons with the duct tape rings.

bottle lamp8

When we reach the limit

bottle lamp9

Finish the top with a piece of cardboard wrapped in duct tape.

bottle lamp10

And here is the result, a beautiful new lamp:

bottle lamp2