Lovers of handicrafts and crafts will be delighted with this activity that we then offer you. We will learn to use decorated badges to make fun designs, dolls, decorative items and emoticons. It is a profession that you will love to do with your friends and family, especially with the children of the house. It is very interesting to teach them from an early age the value of things that are done with their hands and with love. And even more if they do them themselves. Plus, the little ones will learn many values ​​that will come in handy when they get older, such as patience and effort, so stay tuned. idea that we bring to you in this article.


As you will see later, the result is the most beautiful: these are very nice decorations that we can later embed in a brooch, wear them in the children’s backpack or even add them to our clothes, sports bags, integrate them as decoration at home, etc. There are many options later on to show off those cute decorated badges which we teach you how to make in this article.

Plating decoration materials

This is what we will need to work with our decorated badges. These are things that you will surely already have in your home and, what you lack, you will find them in hardware stores and specialized establishments, even in stationery and grocery stores in your area.


Soda Plates. Now you know, every time you go for a drink in a bar or cafeteria, ask the waiters to give you the plates they take out of the drink bottles. In a very short time, you will be able to have a large bag to start preparing these parts.
Glue go and assemble the different pieces that make up the drawings you have decided to make.
The sticks to go pierce the dough.
Modeling tools so you can free your imagination.
Stake cut the dough.

Last but not least… Imagination, lots and lots of imagination! This is what we help you with, don’t worry. We will give you lots of ideas so that you can make the most beautiful objects in the world using the decorated badges.

Designs to personalize decorated badges

The first thing we need to decide is what kind of designs we’re going to put on these objects. As we mentioned before, you can choose children’s entertainment intended for the little ones at home. But we can also decide to make a craft ourselves. The idea is to decide on the drawings for the children. Moreover, we can thus encourage them to participate in this craft task with us, which can be very useful and entertaining for them.

As for the dolls to make, we can choose from superheroes to the most famous Mickey and minnie, the Disney Princesses Or, you can opt for other ideas typical of the world of small children: bears, puppies, cats, snails, ladybugs, flowers … Let your imagination run wild and give shape to your ideas.


Another thing we need to consider is what time of year we are in: if it is Halloween, we can do terrifying pumpkins. If the Christmas, we can do Christmas figurines and special decoration for these beautiful dates, like everything crowned, for example.

Encourage your children to choose the design they like the most and start working together, hand in hand. It is the best way for them to get involved in a project and to make decorated plates together, why not, it can be an exciting first challenge.

How to make decorated badges

It is recommended before we start to make a drawing, like a sketch, of what we want to create with our hands. Keep in mind that it is mold with dough so, first of all, you have to be very clear about what you want to do. With the design in front of us, we can start with everything else.

First of all let’s go bake the dough in the oven. This usually involves a series of cooking indications so that they become moldable and we can give it the shapes we need to make our creation. There are even recipes for making molding dough at home: they can be made with breadcrumbs, water and sand, with papier-mâché, with paper pulp, with salted ceramics. , etc.

One of the simplest is the one that requires two glasses of salt, two thirds of a glass of water, a pan, a glass of flour and another half glass of cold water. Everything is mixed in the pan, adding the ingredients one after the other. At the end, the pasta can cool down, and once it’s cold, we can work with it. This is called salt dough, and it works very well for decorating plates with homemade dough.

how to make decorated badges

The other idea that we can use is to prepare the bread dough. Who has no more slices of bread at home? Socket six slices of crustless white bread, six tablespoons of white glue, half a tablespoon of detergent or, alternatively, two tablespoons of glycerin and food coloring. This time you need to knead the bread with glue and detergent. You have to mix everything together very well so that it does not become too sticky … It’s done! The coloring is good because it gives it color and thus we still save the step of painting the parts.

The time has come to start molding. We have to cut out the shapes we need little by little: circles, elongated parts, petals for daisies if there are any, etc. The idea is to do all the parts of the design that we draw one by one to get a little closer to what we finally want to create. Certainly, the idea of ​​decorated plates that we had imagined does not only take shape in our heads.

We also have to think a lot about the colors, because the tones should also match the idea we have. Pink, white, yellow, black, lilac, red, blue, green, light blue, etc. When it looks like we’ve got the parts it’s time to go glue the different sections of the dolls or objects to each other. Do it with strong glue to make it last longer. When it’s ready, we’ll let it dry well, at least a few hours.

how to make decorated plates with bread dough

The final touch of the process is one that will help us use these plates in different parts of the house and on our clothes. One idea is to put them on their backs a magnet to stick to computers and metal objects, in the refrigerator for example. You will be able to see them every day, and they will surely give you a big smile as they remind you of how you made them hand in hand with your son. Another idea is to stick some kind of brooch or pin behind them if we want the pieces to be showcased in clothes and accessories. And ready!

Handicrafts with decorated badges

What other creations can we make with decorated plates? Well get ready, because below we will send you many suggestions.

One option is to turn these badges into earrings. We only need a few identical bottle caps. First, we are going to open the edges of the sheet a little with the help of small pliers. We remove the inner plastic and, using a very fine drill bit, we drill the plate in the place where the hooks that we are going to buy will go. We can make a lot of pairs of earrings, combining the colors with all of our clothes. And make pairs of earrings to give to our friends.

Another option is create a photo frame. We need plates, tongs to open its edge and the photos we want to frame. The first thing we are going to do is remove the plastic from the plate and, using the white glue, we are going to glue the photo. Then we will glue the plates in the desired place.


In a very similar way to the previous one, we can create a mirror frame. The only difference is that we will need more veneers. The result will be a very original and unique mirror that will give a lot of personality to the room where it is placed.

We can make a decorative letter with badges. We will have to use a stiff cardboard, wood or cork as a base. With glue, we will add the plates. This is a decorative detail that is now very fashionable.

crafts with original decorated plates

We can too decorate a floor with drawings according to the colors of the plates.

Crafts with decorated badges for kids

For girls we can make hairpins. All we will need is bottle caps, glue and hairpins. After decorating the plate to our liking, we will only have to glue it on the closed side of the hairpin. Our daughter will be wearing unique bobby pins, and her friends will surely ask for similar ones. So you will surely want to repeat the trade with us.


We can too create cute snowmen that we will create by joining several plates.

To facilitate the learning of hours, we can disassemble numbers from a wall clock that we no longer like and are replacing all the numbers with different badges. We can encourage children to choose which badge to replace each number.

Photos of decorated badges

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