Decorating the boxes is an interesting and entertaining subject, you can test your imagination and skills to create interesting boxes that will beautify your home and they will give a magical touch to that personal space that you want to recreate.

Decorated boxes

For the decoration of the boxes, you can use various techniques, the boxes that you can use can be in wood, cardboard or in plastic. Most important is the technique you use and the end result.

Decorate wooden boxes

Wooden crates are ideal because they allow us to manufacture different craft techniques. By decorating them by hand, we will achieve that they acquire greater value and become beautiful, interesting and original decorative elements.

Decorate wooden boxes

Using the technique of scrapbooking will provide us with good results, it consists of making cards, doubling boxes, making albums, etc. using only paper, fabric or flower cutouts. With the boxes it is possible to align them and achieve excellent results using scrap metal.

This decoration technique is excellent and as we progress in our task we notice that the result is more and more pleasant, it acquires more impact and originality. Many people use the technique of scrapbooking to decorate boxes.

Another formula is to use the candle technique, through it the box will look old, as if damaged. It is also an interesting formula to decorate, the process is as follows.

First sand the box, then two coats of dark acrylic paint, let dry then sand a little between the two coats. Then we use the white candle, it is normal candle and we need to rub it hard on both parts so that the dark color below is displayed. In these parts, there should be some remains of the candle, this gives it naturalness, you have to be careful that there are no globes. On top, another coat of acrylic paint is applied, this time using a white color. The surface is sanded again, highlighting the parts where we apply the sail, because residue should be avoided and the base color of the box should remain. Then we use a dry cloth to remove the dust, apply a layer of antique wax and polish it using a lint free cloth. Painted boxes are also a great decorative job on wooden boxes. We have many options to select the design we want, both the colors and the type of paints. To make the designs look nice, they can be traced onto the box using paper templates or tracing sheets.

Decoupage boxes: this is another technique to decorate the boxes, for this we will have to use the napkin or the paper that has a pattern and this is the one we like the most for our box. They will be glued on and then the varnish will be applied.

If you want to know how to do this technique and have more ideas, we have this article that will surely interest you:

Decorate cardboard boxes

Often the boxes come to us from things we buy or from gifts. We don’t know what to do with it. But we can put a new use to these boxes. Here are some interesting ideas to decorate the boxes and give them a new use. The boxes can be lined with paper, eva rubber, cardboard, fabric or just paint them our way. If you want, you can cover them with napkins and give them details in acrylic. Very good results are obtained.

Another way is to cover the boxes with tissue, to do this, just add a detail to the edges of the lid, to keep them also if you plan to use them a lot.

Decorate cardboard boxes

You can make a jewelry box using cardboard boxes. For this, the you can cover with a fabric stronger than paper and this way it will last longer.

Another idea would be to cover them with black cardboard and use papers that contrast with the black. You can put them handmade flowers or if it’s for a gift, the person’s name. They are lovely gift boxes.

Decorate the boxes of strawberries

Before you decorate the boxes of strawberries, you will need to paint them first, that way you will not see the designs they have or the letters on them, as well as fruit stains etc., the box must be painted well by applying several coats of paint so that it covers well and then dries perfectly before applying the new coat. It is very good to use the wood color, a shade that looks natural. The result is very aesthetic.

Then you will need to take the correct measurements of boxes. Usually there are variations which can be more than 2cm, it is not noticeable when the boxes are placed on top of each other, but at the time of making the fabric coverings it can spoil the work and not look good. above the box.

The the materials you will need They are as follows:

You will need feltIt is important that it is white, you can use a piece that measures 40 × 80 cm. This size will be sufficient and may exceed something. The felt will give it rigidity and avoid the annoying nails that these boxes have, which also tend to hurt.

It is recommended to use fabrics of patchwork. To do this, you need to use a piece, the measurement of which is 35 × 25 cm, it will serve as the bottom of the box. The other piece should have the following measurements; 45 × 35 cm, and will go to the side parts. These can be the same or different size and it is possible that they are also on something. In addition to patchwork cotton fabrics, it is possible to use linen, which is what you like the most.

You also need 32cm white elastic, it should be color suitable for your fabrics, width should be 2cm.

First of all, you need to cut the pieces of felt. A 29 × 19 cm rectangle will be cut out which you will use for the bottom of the box. From the sides it is necessary to cut out two rectangles, the measures of which are 23 × 13 cm. You must also cut two 13 × 13 cm squaresThese will be cut lengthwise to make four of 23 × 6.5 cm and four more of 13 × 6.5 cm. At the end, you will have to get the result you had planned in mind, and add or eliminate centimeters according to your needs, the sides must be well adjusted.

On the large rectangle that will be placed in the background, we will make marks at a distance of 4 cm from the corners, the corners will be cut diagonally.

Then, it must be checked that it can be perfectly inserted inside the box obtained. For fabrics, add 4 cm in the measure of the felts, this way the hem can be done well. That’s why we need to cut out a 33x23cm rectangle for the background. On the sides we will have to get two rectangles whose measures are 27 × 17 cm and also two square shapes of 17 × 17 cm.

We will cut a 32cm strip of elastic rubber, it will be cut into four parts and we will get four 8cm strips.

We put the felt on the wrong side of the fabric. The corners should be folded and pinned. We will do the same for the whole part of the edge. It will iron well so that the fold is fixed.

Then on the sides we put rectangles of felt. They will be placed on the wrong side of each of the fabrics, but with some separation. We are going to practice a hem, it is tied with pins and we will only do three on the sides. The side glued to the bottom will be unfolded, then we go back.

On top of the long sides we put the elastic bands, they will be placed at a distance of 1 cm from the edge, on each side.

These should be put in the corner that will be bent, shouldn’t go where it’s free. Then the hems of each piece are sewn, that is, the three folded edges. The zone corresponding to the rubber is reviewed. When we are with the rubber, we sew normally, we go back and sew again. This way we will get reinforcement in this part.

The rubber is placed in the same way on the small materials that we had selected and also sewn like the hem, we will strengthen the rubber part. Each side should be at a distance of 6 cm.


The hardest fabric to sew This will be the last, it is the one that allows us to close the circle that we have created with the sides of the box. We will put the part that we sew in the machine, trying not to disturb the rest.

The hardest will be join the circle at the bottom of the boxFor this we need to put the bottom piece with the wrong side up, the edges where we have not hemmed will be pinned.

All edges must be secure to pass through the machine. Once sewn and turned over, you will see that what you have made fits perfectly into the box. All four sides must be sewn down, in addition a seam must be passed over the entire edge of the piece corresponding to the bottom.

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