Tired of the boxes you have at home? Do you want to change them but you don’t want to invest a fortune? No problem. In this article, we’ll explain how to renew your boxes decorated with ideas to decorate the boxes. The goal is to take advantage of the boxes you already have, give them another use and renew the decoration of your home. Plus, as a gift, they are amazing.

Decorated boxes – Ideas for decorating boxes

At the time of doing decorated boxes, ideas for decorating boxes they are almost endless. Obviously, the first we think of are the smallest in the house.

Decorated boxes for your children

So, one of the simplest ideas, but with the best results, is to do a box that will serve as a pencil holder for your children or to save whatever you want. How can we make you like it? Easy, with Hama Pearls. In this case we make four different designs in which will be the four walls of the pencil holder, to which we add a base with the measure that adapts to support the four sides.


We apply heat to the seams to make the four sides and the base stick together and we have a custom pencil holder. Themes? Frozen, Batman, Barbie, Soccer, Patrol Canine… The options are endless.

Another option for collecting your children’s pens and colors is to place the cardboard tubes of Toilet paper stuck inside the lined or painted box. Thus, inside each of the tubes, you will easily place pencils, pens and everything you need inside your new pencil holder.

You can even take one cereal box and turn it into a briefcase for your children to keep the papers and keep their toys in order. Get the paper in the color you like to line the cereal box.

After doubling it, make two holes to place the handle for carrying the case. You can create the handle with a cord or ribbon. Then you will start to decorate it with small figurines cut from magazines, which you will glue with glue sticks and in a few minutes you will have transformed the old cereal box into a cute case for your children’s artwork. .

Got a big cardboard box and don’t want to throw it away? Why not a laundry basket to our liking. To do this, just take the box and cover it with a blanket that we do not use, an old sweater or a piece of fabric give us to completely cover the outer area.

When you doubled it, if it doesn’t manage to cover the inside as well, you may end up with a fabric border that matches the handles that we will put on the outside. Like that, one of the two, we can sew on the fabric that we put on or we can glue with synthetic glue but with the risk of dropping it if we put too much weight on it. However, in either case, it will be magnificent.

Vintage decorated boxes

If what you are looking for is a vintage decorated box, you can have one in minutes. Take a box and start painting it brown. But don’t use a brush, just you will paint it with your fingers to give it the finish you need for a vintage style and achieve the dark highlights typical of this style.

When it is dried, take a flower model to draw on it. Finish the painting process with red polka dots on the edge of the can as if they were rivets.

To finish the box, type a fabric flower and a ribbon of the same color stick it with glue stick in one corner of the box. And finally, you will paste an old photo on the box, to give the vintage point you need. If you don’t have an old photo at home, you can download and print it

Another affordable alternative is to use the empty shoe boxes you have in the house. In this case, we need wrapping paper, glue stick and pieces of paper to make a collage. As easy as lining the box with wrapping paper and gluing it with glue. Then we glued the pieces of paper together and moved from an empty shoebox to a cool storage box.

Obviously, if the wrapping paper is pretty enough, it is not necessary to add the collage papers. We leave it lined and appreciate the elegance of our creation.

Practical decorated boxes

Has anyone in your house graduated? Perfect time to put the gift in a decorated box representing the graduate’s hat. To do this, line the base of the box by placing cotton wool to cushion it and place the gift you bought on the liner.

Then, line the box lid with a black cloth or you can paint it with black acrylic paint. Drill a hole in the center of the already painted or lined cover and go through with a drawstring with a pompom end that extends outside the end of the beanie. Yes, the graduates hat box is very sticky but its symbolism is wonderful.

Decorated gift boxes

The options, colors and alternatives you have available for this box of graduation cap gifts are endless. It will be a gift that will last forever.

Another very practical gift alternative is to create a decorated box for storing fabrics. Take a box that will contain a packet of tissues and cut the felt to its measurements.

Then glue the felt on the box with a glue stick and continue to decorate it, for example, with a frame made with a cord that runs along the edge of the box. Even on the cord that runs along the edge of the box, you can glue pom poms of different colors, and you will have made a beautiful decoration on a cardboard box.

Decorated boxes for babies

Decorated boxes for babies, besides being beautiful and decorative, are very practical for storing toys or clothes the baby no longer uses. For this you will need a sturdy cardboard box, plaster, wooden paper, scissors and a glue stick. Start by applying glue to the sides of the cardboard box.


Place pieces of brown paper over the glue. Of course, do it carefully, prevent the paper from swelling and let it dry. Apply plaster to the entire surface of the box to give it greater strength and make it more durable. Wait for the plaster to dry and paint the box any color you want.

When it dried up, you can apply with glue different geometric figures or children’s drawings. You can work the lid of the box in the same way as the base, but you pad it to make it more delicate for your baby.

Decorated gift boxes

the decorated gift boxes They are also really handy because once you buy your gift, you don’t know how to give it to the person you love. But if you know how to decorate a box to store this gift, you won’t even think about how to wrap a bottle as a gift anymore.

For example, you have the possibility to paint several wooden boxes, depending on the size of the gift, and thus you will have the gift and the box. Two for one and on top of having done it by hand.

Another option, a little more laborious, is to make a Advent calendar with boxes and assemble it in the shape of a tree. To get started, you need 24 boxes that you can line up with different Christmas designs. When you have them, glue them with a glue stick and give them the shape they have in the photo.

Once glued, you need to put a number from 1 to 24. You can start from the top or the bottom, because it doesn’t hurt that on December 24, the last day of the Advent calendar, the top box is opened.

Before placing it, remember that you must put 24 chocolates in the 24 boxes. If you are in a beautiful shot, you can put a gift in each one and hallucinate the other person. Either way, the most special Advent calendar is the one you make yourself.

You have a wooden module with drawers and you don’t want to paint it? Do you know you can cover it? You just need to buy different paper for each drawer, but with similar shades, and line them up. The result, as you can see, is majestic.


Is it possible to make a gift box decorated with milk cartons? Obviously they are and they are very pretty. In this case, we recommend painting the box because the lining is difficult. Of course, before you do that, clean the inside well, and when you are done painting it, close it with two tweezers and you have a decorated box for a very cute gift.

And finally, the classic decorated and lined box for storing old computer waste. You can cover it with paper or fabric, and it will suffice to apply a little glue and let it dry to have a fresh and functional storage module.

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