There are many ways to decorate our home which we can see in several home decor magazines and an article like this. A very good way to do this is to use cans decorated by us. By creating these decorative items with our own hands, we will save a lot of money and find a way to distract ourselves in our free time. It is an activity that can be very relaxing and will help us disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. On the other hand, we will create them exactly to our liking. Moreover, every time we look at them, we will fondly remember the effort and time put into its creation, which will make it even more precious in our eyes. Finally, it is a activity we can do as a familyincluding our partner and our children. This way we will spend more quality time with the family. Isn’t that a good idea? All are advantages!

How to make decorated cans

You will surely read these lines and you will wonder …How to start making these decorated cans? Will I be able to do it? Yes of course!

The first thing to do is store the cans. In principle, we don’t care form, the Cut and the Color. We don’t care if they’re big or small, if they’re rusty or in perfect condition, if they have a handle or not: if they have, we can make a lantern and, if they don’t have a handle, we can make a stand to put our candles on.

how to make decorated cans

We do not care can color. It doesn’t really matter, because when we decide what to do with it, its appearance will change. We can decide to paint it or cover it with different materials: paper, string, wool, knitting, sequins, add a sign… There are thousands of options, as many as come to our imagination.

How to make decorated cans step by step

First of all, the first thing to do is to decide the function will fill our decorated cans. Then it would be convenient to clean them thoroughly before drilling, painting or covering them. On the fly, and after carefully examining the box we have chosen to decorate, we will decide whether it is necessary to sand it or not.

For example, if we have a cans with handle, the first thing we will do is drill them carefully. Then we will choose the color that we want our lanterns to have and we will proceed to paint them. When the paint is completely dry, we can place inside a candle and hang up. At night while enjoying dinner outside, our handcrafted lanterns will look beautiful, and through the holes the soft candle light will filter through.

how to make decorated cans step by step

We can follow the same process with cans that do not have a handle, creating small chandeliers totally unique and personalized to our liking. We will choose the colors that we like the most, choosing them to match the colors that will surround you.

If we have decided to decorate our cans in a more original way, we can make ourselves with newspaper. Once we have the box very clean, we measure it and cut a piece of newspaper to the same size. Then just spread glue around the box and, very carefully, roll the box with the newspaper. Once dry, we will have very original containers that we can use, for example, to put plants. They would also be very nice as a container where put down our toothbrushes in the bathroom. Or, perhaps, keep it on your desk as a holder for pencils and pens.

If, on the contrary, we decide line our cans with twine, the result will be a lot more countries. We need to be clear that we will need a very long rope because we will have to wrap the box completely. Therefore, we must measure the rope that we will need very well, so as not to exhaust ourselves before completely surrounding the box. If we choose to line our can with rope, we will not be able to use glue: we will have to use hot silicone.

Another very simple and equally beautiful option is, after painting the box, stick a decorative object on it. Once the paint is applied to the can dry, you can stick an old button, a piece of fabric you like, a small wooden sign, a bow, confetti and even glitter on it.

Vintage decorated boxes

One option that is currently very fashionable is the vintage trend. We can create decorated cans in vintage style very easily.

The first step is, as we have already mentioned earlier in this article, to clean the box well and, when it is dry, to paint it in the chosen color. To give the cans that vintage look, it is advisable to paint the cans with a neutral color. You can choose between a white color range, passing through the cream and the different pastel tones, whether green, pink, sky blue … This color range is very relaxed and highlights the final vintage character that we want to give to our can once it is finished. ‘it is over.

how to make decorated cans step by step vintage

When we have cleaned it, painted it in the chosen color and dried it well, the time has come to give it that character.

Online we can easily find vintage images. We can choose a photo, a sign, letters … After having identified the dimensions of the can, we will print the chosen image and cut it. Once the paint on the box is dry, we will proceed with pasting the image.

Another much more personal option that will make your vintage decorated cans even more unique is as follows. We all stay at home old photos: from our parents, grandparents … A very nice thing we could do is digitize a photo that has special meaning for us. Once this image is scanned, we print it according to the measurements in the box and stick it on. In this way, we will not only have a unique and carefully crafted vintage box by ourselves. It will also be an object charged with emotion and feeling.

Boxes decorated with eva rubber

To decorate our cans with eva rubber, the procedure is the same. The first thing to do is to clean the box well. If we deem it necessary, we will sand it even slightly. In this way the glue, tail or silicone will work better.

If our can is, for example, metallic color, we can choose to stick the eva rubber directly. Before, of course, we will have measured the canister to find out how much eva rubber we need, depending on the design we decided to create. We can even glue pieces of eva rubber in different colors to give it a more fun touch.

If, on the contrary, the original color of the box does not suit us, the first thing to do is, as always, to clean it well. Once we have cleaned and dry it, we will proceed to paint in the color we have chosen. The color should be properly combined with the eva rubber colors we are going to use.

The result of decorating cans with foam rubber is very cheerful, ideal for decorating the bedroom of a young person full of dreams.

¿How to decorate cans for children? In this case, we will create decorations inspired by children’s motifs.

What we need to do first is, as always, to clean the box well and paint it. In this case, since the decorated can is intended for our children, we will choose very cheerful colors, such as red. Any strong color wastes the joy and energy, which are the qualities of the little ones in the house.

A very valid option is to print the picture of your disney character or favorite cartoon. As we will have measured the box, we will know what measurement the image we printed must have. Images of our toddlers’ favorite fictional characters will be easily found online.

Once the image has been chosen and printed, all you have to do is stick it very carefully in the container, which will have already dried.

But we do not only have the possibility to decorate children’s cans with fictional characters. If our son really admires an athlete, for example Leo Messi, we can print a picture of his idol and stick it on a box. This way you can have it in your room and have your favorite player nearby.

We put the example of a footballer, but we can use music idol pictures of the moment, for example.

The most interesting thing about this activity is that we can do it as a team with our children. It will be good to spend this time collaborating with the little ones, investing time in choosing the can, cleaning it, deciding what color we are going to paint, which character we are going to print the photo to decorate the can … And, finally, choose a place to put it and give it a function.

The most important thing is that before we start we are clear where we will place the decorated box. We must have decided what we are going to use it for and where we will place it because, depending on where we will place it, we will use this or that material. For example, if we are going to use it to put toothbrushes, because there is moisture in the bathroom, it would be more convenient to paint it and that’s it.

We hope this article has inspired you with some wonderful decorating ideas that will breathe new life into old cans.

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