Many times we have needed containers for storing clothes that we do not fit in the cupboards. Or, simply, to better order it in them. And we automatically think of going to buy a decorated box or any other type of packaging.

But I noticed that I am going buy storage boxes that in general, although they are very beautiful since they are decorated, they are a bit expensive. So I thought to myself, why not make my own decorated box? And indeed, it’s easier and more fun than it looks.

You will also save a lot of money, because what you will need for decorated cardboard boxIt will be mostly imagination and some free time.


Decorated cardboard boxes

In principle, any cardboard box of any size that you have in your home can become a beautiful decorated box. The materials needed to make and decorate your own cardboard storage boxes are very simple. You can use, Color papers, journals, newspapers, or even fabrics. And add accessories such as: dried flowers, tags, stickers, ribbons, etc. It all depends on the use you want to give it and your level of detail. In addition, the decorated cardboard boxes will not only look very stylish in any corner of the house, but you can also be proud of them.

How to decorate cardboard boxes

Dark! You will wonder how to decorate cardboard boxes. Well, with a few simple steps and with a few materials, you will be able to transform a simple cardboard box that you were going to throw in the recycling bin, into the most beautiful and practical decorated box.

here are the the materials you will need to decorate your cardboard boxes. You will find that they are easy to obtain and that it will not take you much time or effort.

Material you need:

  • An empty cardboard box
  • A cutter
  • Decorative contact paper, fabric or wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue if you use wrapping paper or fabric
  • Iron
  • A ribbon in the color and width you prefer
  • A tape measure
  • Double-sided adhesive tape

Once you have everything you need, all you need to do is jumpstart your creativity.

How to make decorated cardboard boxes for storing clothes

I will guide you step by step, making it clear to you what to do at all times.

Decorated cardboard boxes for storing clothes

Take the box and cut the flaps

The first thing to do is cut the flaps of the cardboard box using the utility knife. Remove all the shutters, because we won’t need them. Let’s create a open decorated box, capless.

Measure the paper or fabric and cut the pieces

Here you will have to decide what you prefer, decorate your cardboard box with paper or fabric. The the fabric is warmer and this is the material i like the most if i am going to use the box to store clothes.

If you are working with fabric, measure each side or face of the inside of the box and cut your chosen fabric in this measurement, so that you can glue it later, and all the pieces fit well; so that the inside and outside of the box are completely covered.

We are going to surround the outside with a single piece of fabric. Also add a piece of fabric for the bottom of the inside of the box, and another for the outside background. The one on the outer bottom is not necessary, but I prefer to cover the entire surface. Then glue each piece on its corresponding side. Remember to leave a few extra inches of fabric for the edges, so that the edges or edges of the box are hemmed out. So you will get an excellent finish


If you prefer the a contact cardIn this case we will be working with a total of six pieces: two for the outside of the cardboard box, two for the inside, one for the bottom of the inside and the last one for the bottom or the outer base of the box.

For the outside of the box, we cut two pieces, one for each of the two sides (one wider side and one shorter side), and one for the other two sides. Always leave a few extra inches. It is much easier to work with them. Do the same for the interior and cut out the two backgrounds. Once all the pieces are ready, we apply the contact paper. Be very careful when applying, because sometimes bubbles will form if we do not press hard enough.

It is best to start at the bottom of the cardboard box. Align the paper well and press hard to is fully adhered. If you see any remaining bubbles, you can use a ruler or flat surface to stretch all the paper. Then glue each side. First on one side (wider side and shorter side), then on the other. Always taking care to press hard.

Now go to the box and repeat the process very carefully. First on one side, then on the other. Once and you have all the sides, you just need to glue the corresponding piece to the bottom of the inside of the box. Well, now you have it, your decorated cardboard box is almost ready, you just need to add a little detail to make its finish more elegant.

Adding accessories

Take the color ribbon you have chosen, ptoast the iron so that it is flat and can better adhere. Tape the ribbon around the entire box, about halfway up. You can use glue or double-sided tape. You can finish the end of the ribbon with a knot, or simply glue it all around, sometimes the elegance is in the sobriety.

Finished carton

You already have your decorated box ready to store your clothes! There is nothing like building things yourself.

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