Decorated headbands are an essential accessory for girls. Headbands are not only used for decorate our hair and make us pretty, but they are very comfortable to hold the hair and do not disturb us when we comb our hair. In this article we will learn to make crafts with decorated headbands that you will surely like, since you can adapt them to your style and even for a specific look that you are going to wear.


Those who have doubts about the headbands, what do we think It is also known as the tiara and even, plush hair. Everything means the same, as you can see in the image of this post. We’ll teach you how to customize them to your liking to look better than ever. It’s a simple activity that you can share with friends, family and, if you have little girls, it’s a craft activity with kids that they will love very much, so… go for it!

Materials for decorating headbands

They can be decorated in a thousand and one ways. Then we tell you those objects that can help us to get a great result, so you have a choice.

  • We need also smooth and simple headbands possible, so we are basically starting from scratch when it comes to custom rubber bands.
  • Colorful ties: we can choose our favorite shades. The best thing is, the more we have, the better. Blues, pinks, yellows, reds, oranges, greens, light blue, violets … and don’t miss the black and white, because they can save any outfit when making crafts with colorful bows and similar things.
  • Buttons, pearls, leftover brooches, flowers that we have left over from other headbands or hairpins, etc. Take a look at what you no longer use and you will see how there are many items around you that you can use to decorate your hair bands. Another option is to go through a specialty store, either a haberdashery or a drugstore, as they likely have some useful pieces to use in decorating these hair accessories.
  • Glue to go and assemble the pieces.
  • The scissors cut where we need it.
  • Metre to measure how much tie you will need and for other measurements that may be required.
  • Needle and thread in case it is necessary to sew the buttons to the knots so that they are better attached to the decorated headbands that we create with our hands, in a completely artisanal way.


It will be essential to be very clear on the design, what do we want to prepare? What colors will we choose? And what accessories are we going to add to it? If you think so, in this article we will show you the process of creating one of the simplest headbands, which you can see in the picture: it is with matching bow and buttons. A good result is obtained and it is a way of progressing little by little in these crafts. Over time, you will surely be able to make some really spectacular headbands, and more than one will ask you to make them for them.

How to make decorated headbands

Now let’s see how the headbands are created from ceror. Little by little you will see that you give it shape and you will love the result.

  • Take the headband that you are going to decorate. The first thing is know what size, then take the tape measure and write down its dimensions.
  • It’s time to pull yourself together. With him Equipment that you have chosen you need to measure the piece you are going to use and cut with the scissors. How are you rolled through the headband, it is recommended to cut twice the size obtained.
  • Let’s start: inside the headband you need to put glue all over the surface. Now, with one hand attached to one of the corners of the headband, tie the knot and start wrapping it around the entire headband. You have to go slowly and carefully, so that it is repaired and without damage. When you get to the end, put more glue to fix it especially. In this case, you can opt for glue or something a little harder and more resistant, you have to upgrade it yourself.
  • Now is the time to decorate it around the loop. If we go for buttons, which is the easiest and most interesting option to start creating decorated headbands, you can use thread and water to sew it on, or glue to fix it as you want . Spread the buttons on the outside of the headband and you will see how this handmade work takes shape.
  • Once you have completed all the work, it is recommended let dry for at least a day. All the materials must be well assembled if we do not want to wear the headband and make it stick to our hair, imagine the madness! Be very careful, girls, this happens very easily. Be patient because in just one day, she will be ready to show off her cool headband with your friends and family.


Decorated headbands have become very fashion in the 80s. Now there is a revival of this style and it is not only worn by the smallest girls but also by adults. A good idea if you have daughters is to make your own matching mother and daughter headbands. You will surely be the envy of the rest of the moms and kids at school. You can personalize it with the favorite colors you share but the same design. The truth is that the result is very beautiful and gains in value from the fact that they are made by hand and everything is made by hand, made with each other.


To learn how to decorate the headbands, you can bet on the recycling of all kinds of parts and scrap. There are bows, accessories, headbands that we already use … Surely you have a lot of things in the drawers that you can use to shape what will be the coolest headband anyone has ever seen. Don’t forget: knot, buttons, glue, scissors … And lots of imagination on your part!

Headbands decorated with ribbons

the satin ribbons They look great on headbands because they give them a slightly shiny touch which will give our hair more joy. It is very important to measure the headband correctly. Once the measurements are taken, we will cut the tape twice as long as the headband because we are going to roll it up.

Headbands decorated with ribbons step by step

We have already measured and cut the tape. Remember: the tape should measure twice what our headband measures.

At one end of the headband, inside, we will put a little glue. At this point, we will place the chosen strip, and we will hold it with our finger for a little while so that it sticks. When we see that, in fact, it has been glued, we will begin to wind the ribbon, patiently passing through the entire headband. It is important perform this process slowly and calmlyWell, it must be perfect. When we have wrapped all the ribbon along the headband, we will glue the end of the ribbon to the other end of the headband. We’re going to do the same thing we did at the start: inside the headband.

Headbands decorated with flowers

To decorate our headband with flowers, we can choose two options. The first is the easiest. Consists of get a flower-shaped ornament that we have at home and stick it to the surface of the headband. The second option would be to cover the headband with ribbons, as we explained in the previous point and, once it is completely lined, glue the flower on it.

headbands-decorated with flowers

We can choose from add a flower we have at home but, for the more daring, there is the possibility of creating a new flower, either with ribbons, with crochet or with any material that seems appropriate and beautiful.

Headbands decorated with pearls

Another very nice option to decorate our headband is to choose the beads. As in the previous case, we can glue the beads as we wish along the headband. They will be very beautiful distributed along the headband regularly and regularly, centered on the highest part or, if you want to, put them only on one side.


If we want to make our headband look really sophisticated, we may choose to look for a more demanding elaboration. If we are one of the daring, we can start by lining our headband with ribbon. If we want to give another twist, we can cover it with two crossed ribbons, alternating two of our favorite colors. Once the headband lining process is complete and the glue that holds the ribbons has dried, we can move on. Now is the time to decide where we are going to glue the beads. A very important point to keep in mind is that whether we have lined the headband with a ribbon or with two different colors, we can put on white pearls. But we must not forget that we have beads in many other colors, so that our headband can be an explosion of color and joy.

Pictures of decorated headbands

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