You like the Decorated laptop? You want customize it to your taste and style? To do this today, you are going to have several ideas to decorate your laptop with you. Well, it’s so easy that at any time of the day you have free time and with few items you will already have personalize your laptop!

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For example, the holidays are one of the good times for you to devote some time to decorating your laptop, and when you return to your work or school, you will have it ready to watch your favorite series. and admire the decoration you have chosen with the assurance that you the laptop is protected against shocks.

In fact, apart from the fact that you are going to have your laptop decorated the way you like it, you can’t ignore that this is the best way to protect it from bumps and scratches that ruin it and no longer look like what you want.

For this reason, if you want to see it as if you just bought it, you will recognize your laptop much better because you will have personalized it the way you want. I advise you to keep reading and you will have the best with you ideas for decorating your laptop.

Decorated laptop – Materials

As materials for the first idea I brought to you for you to decorate your laptop you need permanent style, glue stick, cardboard in the color you like, a single sheet of block, scissors, glue stick and washi tape.

Start by cutting the sheet of the block according to the size of the cover your laptop then glue the sheet around the edges with the washi tape.

Lay out the cardboard on the table and mark with a pencil three rectangles, then cut them out.

Once the rectangles have been cut out, glue them but without overlapping their edges to leave a space between each triangle.

You have already made a good design for decorating your laptop, but if you want to keep decorating it, you can write a message or a sentence make it attractive to you, and you’ll continue to decorate it by placing washi tape around the edges of each sentence.

decorated-ideas for laptop

As a second idea to decorate your laptop you need as materials a block sheet, glue stick, washi tape, scissors and some photos or magazine cutouts.

Start by choosing the photos you’d like to look at each time you use your laptop and if you don’t have any printed photos start cutting out photos from magazines you like. Glue the block sheet along the upward edges of the laptop with a glue stick. Then do a collage photo collage that you chose on the block sheet. To get a good design and better decoration, place washi tape around the edges of each photo.

If you want to decorate your laptop but at the same time think about protect it from shocks, you need a different kind of decoration. So as materials I recommend that you have with you thick textured fabric, leather to cover the flaps, adhesive tape, velcro, a sewing machine, a resistant thread equal to the color of the leather, a roller foot for sewing machine, snap button, loop-type hook, paperclip and hammer-type staples. Spread the cloth on the worktable and place the laptop in the center. Draw a cross with a pencil or pen help you with a ruler to create the shuttersHence, they must be sores so that you can fold them over the cover of the laptop and then cut them off. Cut the rounded corners, remembering that the bottom flap should be 2 inches smaller than the top one. On the wide part of the upper flap you sew a Velcro strip with rounded ends and you sew the hard part of another velcro strip the inside the bottom flap.

Take a piece of leather and cut 5 centimeters rounding the tips to adjust the flap and reserve. Cut another piece of leather but this time 15 centimeters wide, still rounding the ends to place it on the bottom flap. On this piece, sew a velcro strip on its soft side on the top side. This piece will correspond to the position of the first velcro. Take the leather and cut an inch wide, then thread the hook through to make sure it will cover the seams, as it will take a long strip to wrap around the blanket.

On the two pieces of leather, sew a square seam to form the loop and that the carabiner is fixed.

I hope you liked all these ideas to decorate your laptop computer, because they will be useful in case its shell is too scratched, otherwise with several stickers you can also make a good decoration.

Decorated Laptop - Materials

Decorated laptop – stock photo

However, I have also left you several photos so that you can know the final finish of the decoration you have chosen for your laptop.

But with the explanation that I offered and included with the materials, you will have with you everything you need to decorate it to your liking with different patterns and in just a few steps. How did you realize in just three steps your laptop will look decorated and personalized to your liking.

You just need to have all the material with you in advance and start decorating it slowly and very carefully. In fact, the materials for decorating a laptop are very simple, you can find them in any craft store or supermarkets, because the vinyl stickers They are very practical and great for decorating not only laptop but any other type of furniture in the house.

In fact, if you don’t want to work too hard on the decorate your laptop by making a photo collageAnother great idea is to stick a single large vinyl sticker on the cover of your laptop and you will find it much more stylish and protected.

Even as you can imagine, this is one of the quick and convenient decoration and you will also keep it protected from scratches and bumps.

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