Devote part of our free time to carry out Arts and crafts It is good hobby, creative and good activity for the brain. It’s not just a way to take a break in the usual routines and a means of mental escape, but also allows us to work on introspection and to improve emotional health.

Surely you have items in your home that you can decorate and embellish, and in addition to spending a relaxed time developing your creativity, you will be able to personalize your home with exclusive elements. We can start with mirrors, something common in any home.

Decorated wooden sea mirror

Mirrors are very practical decorative items in every home, as they add depth to smaller areas and tight spaces. They are also an excellent resource to prevent a wall from appearing empty and tasteless.

There are several ways to turn boring mirror wood frames into something original, which goes with the rest of the decoration of the room and according to your personal tastes.

The degree of sophistication and difficulty will depend on your skill, but to start we will introduce the simpler techniques.

Decorated wooden sea mirror – Materials

The technique Chalk Paint is an interesting decorating resource. It is a type of water-based paint with a chalk effect and an ultra-matte finish. It is very easy to use and does not require prior surface preparation. It covers a lot, pigments very well, adheres easily and does not leave the mark of the brush so the guarantee of a beautiful appearance is assured.

Paint a frame step by step:

  • Disassemble the mirror, remove the macro and clean it well with a cloth soaked in ammonia without dissolving in water.
  • Choose the the colors you like the mostIn this case, Cadaqués blue, French gray and Massai shades were used.
  • Start by coloring the outer roller of the frame with blue cadaques (bright light blue).
  • Wait for it to dry and apply two coats of chalk paint french gray (a very light gray), including the blue roll.
  • To create a bit of color contrast, paint the inside edge with massai chalk paint (a light brown that turns pink).
  • Come carefully sandpaper on the roll that you painted blue, to give it a worn touch and this color stands out from the gray.
  • Finally, protect the frame with a colorless mat varnish.


Another way to decorate a mirror is to use stencils and paint, which can be acrylic. This procedure is called stenciling and is a very primitive technique used already in prehistory, and which is also known under the name of stencil. It consists precisely in decorating from a template or a layer that reproduces a pattern.

Decorate with step by step model:

  • Remove the mirror frame and paint it with the desired background color.
  • Attach the template to the frame or whip well fix it with painter’s tape. It is very important that it is fixed so that nothing moves while we are going to paint the holes.
  • Pour the paint in a tray to make the process more comfortable. Dip the brush and dab the excess paint on a piece of paper until it looks almost dry. The trick to stenciling properly is to use as little paint as possible, as too much will spoil the design and leave stains. Cover all the spaces of the template, strewing carefully with the paintbrush.
  • Before removing the model To continue finishing the design on the rest of the frame, let the paint dry slightly. Once the whole process is complete, we will wait for it to dry completely for at least a few hours.


Mirror decorated with seashells

Another very attractive option and with a very fun process is the decoration with seashells, especially if we took care to select them ourselves on the beach. So, in addition to getting a unique mirror, we will give it a more emotional and special meaning.

Mirror decorated with shells – Materials

The only thing you will need is a wooden frame, the cochas Yes white tail. And a little patience.

We should Picking up seashells and seashells of similar size and format and color. We can first get the mirror, observe it and decide on the design, then go out and find the shells, taking into account in advance what kind of elements we will need for our decorating work.

Once we have accumulated a sufficient amount of shells, we will need to wash them thoroughly with water and let them dry well.


Decorate with seashells step by step.

  • Apply the glue directly on wood, generously and without worrying about the white color, as it will become transparent later. If you prefer, you can give it a coat of paint beforehand, such as tempera, so that it looks better if there is a space that is not completely covered.
  • Go place the shells, shells, stones of sea, accounts, seeds… Better to go in small areas to keep the glue fresh.
  • Once the glue is dry and everything the elements are securely attached to the frame, you can apply white glue on top with a brush, which in addition to protecting it will give it a touch of shine.
  • Hold the eye bolt in the middle part behind the mirror so you can hang it on the wall.

These ideas can be transferred to photo frames, wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, whatever you can think of!

These crafts are ideal for making a very special gift for a loved one, since you will be giving an exclusive item in which you have put your talent, time, creativity and love.

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