The decoration with characters that we love, whether it is cinema, television, comics, etc … is something that has been thought for children’s rooms or children’s rooms, but the truth is that currently we can also choose this type of decoration for any other corner of the house.

While many of us have had posters or decorative figures of characters that we love in our bedroom and as teenagers, those tastes don’t have to change once we have matured so that we can choose from. items from famous people and that decorate our living room, the wall of our dining room or even pull out those figures that we had as children.

How to decorate with fictional characters and celebrities:

  • Posters or vinyls: The decorative vinyls They have become very fashionable in all homes that have a decoration that tends towards the modern, the current or the minimalist. Although we can place adhesive vinyls on the walls, and even on some furniture, which represent items such as flowers, plants, etc … you can also find others which represent figures of characters comics or even myths from cinema or music (for example what we see above and which corresponds to the figure of Michael jackson it’s from the firm 1erepbuy.

  • On the other hand, we can also choose posters that represent these characters, the ideal and for us to look good with our modern decorative style will be that we can place them in a frame and then hang them on the wall. There are also houses specializing in transforming a poster into a painting that will give much more style to our living room or our bedroom.

  • The figures: Figures or “figurines” of superheroes, television characters, children’s dolls, etc … have become very fashionable in houses or apartments where young people (in their thirties) live, because there are many who are immersed in a pop culture in which elements of television, cinema, music, books become myths and incidentally decorative elements that “dress” our shelves in a very original way.
  • The main thing is to choose the figurines that you like, some are even quite expensive (no matter how “merchandising” it is because it has no economic value) and therefore it it is almost a treasure to have them as a decorative element in our home.
  • Furniture: On the other hand, it seems that it has also become fashionable to have these figures in certain furniture. Since as seen in the image that illustrates the cover of this post (top), we can have cabinet doors or drawers with the design of the characters we like the most.

Children’s decoration with characters:

  • On the other hand, children’s bedrooms are of course ideal for this type of cartoon-based decoration that is placed on the walls and on the shelves.
  • With children we can even have a themed room, many girls choose, for example, to ask for one hello kitty bedroom, and it will be quite easy to achieve as there are many elements that we can find from both this character and others.
  • So we can count not only on vinyls or posters, but we can also choose to buy bedding sets, curtains, paintings, and even a carpet and even furniture that has the characters of princesses, heroes or animation that our children love the most. .

I leave you gallery of decoration photos with characters:

Decoration video with characters:

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