In DIY 10 we are now talking about what decorating with mirrors is, a style that seems to be trendy and is quite original if you like being able to fill your home with mirrors of different styles and sizes.

While in many palace For other centuries there were rooms with mirrors, it seems that the decoration with them today is in fashion and in fact in the market we can have models of different styles that we see below.

How to decorate with mirrors:

  • A good option for decorating with mirrors will be to place one with a somewhat retro style and which is great in the living room of our house. It can give the room a touch of elegance and we can also play in a way that creates an effect of more light and space.
  • This type of full length mirrors is also great for decoration corridors, so if we put them at the end of these or on the walls, we can get a deeper effect.
  • For small mirrors, it must also be said that they are used to decorate because they generally have very varied and original shapes. Just by putting a few of them on a wall, we can tell that it will be perfectly decorated as if it were paintings.

Place the mirrors in the rooms:

  • Mirrors can also be used to decorate bedrooms or rooms. Although I have already mentioned the ones that are hung on the wall and are medium or small in size, they are very decorative.
  • On the other hand, those that are tall or full length will also provide a larger effect in small spaces and will be very functional since they will help us see how our clothes are going after we have dressed.

Modern design mirrors:

  • On the other hand, we have to talk about those companies that saw their decorative possibilities in mirrors and therefore created very modern models and ideal for homes that opt ​​for a minimalist style.
  • Besides being mirrors that will look great in your minimalist living room, we also have to say that these are mirrors that we can use in the bathroom, an area in which in fact a mirror is essential and each time they have more original and modern designs.
  • As for these shapes or styles, they can be found among those that imitate geometric shapes, such as those that appear to be divided into several pieces, or those that even have metallic details or with various colors around them.

Now, I leave you a gallery of photos of mirrors that are used to decorate:

Mirror decoration video:

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