Record in Denmark: wind energy covered 39% of electricity demand in 2014

The last windy days that hit Denmark’s wind turbines allow the country not only to produce all the electricity it needs, but also to export to Germany, Norway and Sweden.. A report published in The Guardian details that on the afternoon of July 9, wind turbines produced 116% of Denmark’s energy needs and that at 3 a.m. on July 10, when demand was lowest, this figure rose to 140%.

Denmark made significant investments in offshore wind energy in 2014, its turbines produced 39.1% of electricity demand, and with new projects on the horizon, Denmark is expected to meet its goal of producing 50% of energy from renewable sources and ahead of its 2020 target. Indeed, more than 1.5 GW of offshore wind farms will be added by the end of the decade. Their secret is that they trust this renewable energy source 100%.

Wind turbine

Moreover, this week’s record production did not even run the Danish turbines at full capacity. There was still room for more wind power production in its 4.8 GW capacity turbines.

Of the surplus energy generated during the peak, 80% went to Germany and Norway to be stored in hydropower systems, while the remaining 20% ​​went to Sweden. Speaking to The Guardian, Oliver Alegría, spokesperson for the European Wind Energy Association, said: “This shows that renewables can provide the electricity the world needs. Wind power in particular and renewables in general can be a solution for decarbonization – and also for security of supply in times of high demand “.

Countries like Denmark and Costa Rica are world references in the production of renewable energies to cover their electricity needs.