Are you planning to change your wardrobe? Perhaps you have been overwhelmed by the huge variety of models and designs that we can currently find in the market, so if you want to be able to choose the one that suits you the best, keep reading because now we will bring you a small one. guide on Different types of cabinets: which one should I choose.

Different types of cabinets which should I choose

Different types of cabinets: which one should I choose

The choice of wardrobe inevitably affects the decorative style as well as the use of space in the bedroom in which you are going to place it. Using a little common sense, we can conclude that a four-door closet is impossible to store in a small room, so we need to first think about what harmony and balance must reign in the bedroom: Only then can we relax and recharge our batteries.

On the other hand, when choosing our wardrobe, you will be surprised to find that a lot of cabinet models sold today feature items such as shelves or sliding doors that we can adapt to choose the one that best suits our needs, so taking that into account, we can choose better.

From the above we will guide you and with it that once and for all you can finally have the best wardrobe for your bedroom.

Choose the ideal wardrobe according to your needs

The first rule to consider is set the correct dimensions for your new wardrobe.

It is essential to choose the wardrobe with dimensions proportional to the space in which it will be inserted, too small a closet will probably not be very functional and you might get lost inside the room, on the other hand, too big a closet will surely suffocate the environment with various limitations for ergonomic use.

Always with reference to the available spaces, The second point to take into account for the right choice of your new wardrobe is represented by the doors.

The choice of the types of doors that will be fitted in your new cabinet does not only refer to something aesthetic, in fact, it is mainly related to functional factors and the freedom of use of these.

Different types of cabinets what should I choose from sliding doors

Sliding doors or hinged doors

Both opening systems have advantages and disadvantages, but their main characteristics make them the ideal answer to different situations.

Do you have a room that is not too big? The sliding door wardrobe it should be your first choice. This type of closet will allow you to reduce the front space of the closet because in fact it does not take up space when you open the closet. The special one inconvenient: You will not be able to open two doors at the same time.

Do you want to see a spacious closet? The cabinet with hinged doors will fully meet all space requirements and maximum ergonomics of use., obviously without having the limit of opening several doors at the same time.

From an aesthetic point of view, the sliding door wardrobe will be optimal for those who like the feeling of large, uniform surfaces without too many interruptions in sight.

As forcupboards with hinged doors, you can benefit from a more rigorous aesthetic, defined by vertical lines which clearly represent the chosen modularity.

Custom cabinets or built-in cabinets

In the market we can also find the custom cabinets, cabinets that are in fact the best option when you have a room with dimensions or a design with very specific dimensions, so it is the best so that they do not take up extra space, even if the truth is that they are generally more expensive than any standard wardrobe.

On another side, In the case of having a built-in cabinet, this will also be an advantage in terms of space, since we can place them anywhere we have a corner to place a closet so that it is recessed into the wall. Now they are also quite expensive and above all, we cannot move them in case we have to move we cannot take them with us.


The wardrobes or “cupboard” are now trend So, if you have a room where you can put multiple wardrobe structures together, you will be the happiest person in the world. Cabinets in fact, although they take up space, can be organized without having to place doors so that we’re going to have a room to have all the clothes in sight.

Of course, wardrobes or “cupboards” generally require not only to have a room in the house to be able to mount them in conditions but also they also represent a considerable financial investment.

Different types of cabinets what should I choose a built-in cabinet

Other important factors to consider when choosing a closet

Apart from the above, there are other important factors for you to choose the best wardrobe for your needs. Those are:

  • Mirror: If you have to take a good look at yourself after getting dressed, it is best to choose a closet that has a mirror either inside or outside on one of the doors.
  • Light: Also make sure the closet is lit. Something that not many people take into account but comes in handy when it comes to searching for clothes in an already dark room.
  • TV furniture: Many people buy wardrobes without thinking about the rest of the use they give to their bedroom, but in the market we can find models of wardrobes that are arranged in such a way as to include a small auxiliary cabinet for place a television set, this to take into account You take advantage of sleeping to watch television.
  • Wardrobe with bed: Perfect for youth rooms, you can also find wardrobes on the market that are sold as modular furniture so that everything is arranged at the same time and so we can have them next to a bed and a desk. A really functional type of furniture with which the main advantage will be to save space, although the size of the cabinet is not that it is very large, which is why we say that they are a better option for children’s or youth rooms.