Solar motorhome

Kitchen, bathroom, private bedroom, flat screen TV… The new concept of motorhomes on which German manufacturer Dethleffs is working has everything you could ask for in a vehicle of its class and much more. e.home, as this design has been christened, aspires to become the first electric motorhome on the market, which will also be solar. For this, the model will integrate 31 square meters of solar panels With which the battery will be recharged and the rest of the needs of the vehicle will be covered.

The idea, a novelty in the electric mobility market, which has already been incorporated, for example, all-terrain vehicles, is engaged in solar technology by conviction – “It is clear that electromobility means much more than an electric chassis”, holds signature. However, the up to 3000 watts of e.home solar film efficiency they will overcome various challenges. The first, the difficulty of finding charging stations where a motorhome can take you. The second, the little autonomy that this proposal would offer, for the moment.

Solar caravan

With an IVECO Daily Electric electric chassis, this design opts for sodium-nickel chloride batteries with a capacity of 3 x 76 Ah. Although it supports up to 1,500 recharges with which the motorhome could travel 250,000 kilometers, the pack would offer a range of just over 150 kilometers.

In the case of a purely electric operation of the vehicle, its self-sufficiency for the production of electricity is of particular importance “, admits at this stage the German manufacturer. Thus, this zero emission motorhome has been visualized with a solar photovoltaic system optimized for mobile use, which makes it possible to generate sufficient energy to cover all the needs of the caravan.

The same goal is pursued with other additions to the design to make it as efficient as possible. Hence the designed heating system, which starts from the use of phase change materials for heat absorption when the temperature exceeds 26 degrees. Once night falls and it begins to cool, the heat storage system releases it to acclimatize the interior of the vehicle. Infrared wave heating elements in floors, walls and furniture complete the system designed by Dethleffs.

To complete her vision of what the motorhomes of the future will be, the German does not go through intelligence. In this sense, for e.home it offers a system made by the company itself called CampConnect, which digitizes practically all the components of the caravan and allows its control via an app.

Mobileye, a security system that works as “third eye”, According to the manufacturer, and who identifies potential dangers and warns the driver, it is also included in this proposal being studied by Dethleffs. The concept was presented at Caravan fair in Düsseldorf and will continue to evolve with new technical advances that reinforce a design that its drivers consider to be “pioneer” in electromobility applied to recreational vehicles.

More information in Dethleffs.

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