Do you like DIY and want to create your own furniture? Doing it is not as difficult as you might think. We teach you DIY: handmade closet organizers you save money and personalize your designs.

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How to make a closet organizer for clothes

Make a closet organizer is to go find what kind of clothes or objects you want to store and keep organized and make an organizer for each, for example, for organize links, handkerchiefs, etc. For your belts, for example, use a foam cardboard box and a pretty fabric. The first thing to do is take the measurements of the cabinet drawer and cut the cardboard pieces. You will need to craft all the parts, not just the bases but also the sides of your drawer. Glue the fabric and, once the fabric is well glued, glue the pieces of closet organizer drawer. Once the drawer is assembled, you must add dividersYou can place as many dividers as you want, but before placing them, cover them with fabric as well. Stick it with hot silicone.

Line the outside of the organizer drawer with construction paper. This card is also lined with fabric. You let it dry for a few hours.

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If you want to make a hanging closet organizerIt is made in the same way as the drawer we saw before, placing pieces of cardboard as needed and covering them with fabric. The difference is that we will place appliques, also in fabric, to hang the organizer. These appliques are previously sewn to the fabric from the back of the organizer.

If you prefer, you can leave the organizer only in fabric, to achieve this, once it has acquired the shape, remove the cardboard, do not stick it on the fabric, but just help the cardboard take shape. and leave cardboard or thin cardboard in the parts that you want to make more rigid, for example in the bases.

How to make a kitchen cupboard organizer

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Again, we can use a wooden board, which we will cover with wallpaper. If instead of wallpaper you want to paint with paints or decorate the panel with other techniques, let your imagination run wild. For example, you can resort to stenciling, cracking, decoupage. On the flip side, collect empty jars, shelves or cans and even baskets that you don’t use. Decorate to your liking and use other useful materials you can think of, like clothespins that are also decorated.

Make your kitchen furniture:

If you want to complete your cabinet, take wooden grocery boxes and made a shelf to place the cabinet we just assembled. You’ll save money, organize space, and recycle materials.

Decorate by recycling:

How to make a closet organizer for the bathroom

Again, recycled cardboard will be our preferred material when it comes to Make a closet organizer for the bathroom. You will need two large boxes, a bottle of liquid silicone, a craft knife, masking tape, white paints, and another sparkling spray paint. Before proceeding, you need to measure the boxes well so that they fit the required size.

So that your organizer is sufficient strong and durable, we recommend that you use three layers of cardboard and apply a lot of glue. It is not necessary to be dizzy to find the cardboard, because a box of cereal itself will be enough, because as we said, we will use several layers, at least three.

In the cardboard joints, apply silicone, so that it applies well, help yourself with your finger and do not worry about the aesthetic result because in the end we will paint it. On the other hand, it is possible that when you apply the paint, the cardboard will soften, however, the next day it will be hard again, so don’t panic. You have to let everything dry.

The first weave of your organizer, make it with adhesive tape to give it shape then remove this tape when you put the glue and it is well glued. Let it stick well, let the glue dry well before painting, then allow one coat of paint to dry completely before moving on to the next.

Finally, apply the glitter spray paint and, again, allow it to dry well before using your invention.

How to make a drawer organizer for clothes

Admit it, you too, your underwear is strewn in the drawer. Of course, we live in small apartments, with almost no room and on top of that we do everything in a hurry, as if to organize ourselves better than we already do. But calm because we will teach you how to make a closet organizer for clothes inside. You will see how well your neat underwear will look from now on and you can take the idea of ​​making drawer organizers for clothes.

Dividers or dividers that you can create with inexpensive and accessible materials such as wood slats or even cardboard. If you choose to do so with Wooden ribbons, you will need to have the antlers cut to size. We even offer another solution that is even cheaper and, without a doubt, handy, and that is to make your organizer out of rolls of toilet paper cardboard. Inside each roll you put your underwear categorizing it as you like, e.g. panties, thongs, socks, pinkies socks, bras, sets, etc.

How to make a drawer organizer for the kitchen

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Make a drawer organizer for the kitchen nor does he have any great secrets. Take the measurements of the drawer and use wooden planks to make the dividers. As this is the kitchen where there will be humidity, it is advisable to apply a protective product to the wood. Cut the wooden dividers to the measurements you need, and you can use a divider for each piece you are going to fit into your drawer, or however you prefer. Paint the boards and let them dry well.

Place the dividers and mark with a pencil the exact points where they will be glued. Apply wood glue and glue your boards or dividers.

How to make a bathroom drawer organizer

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The truth is, if you want to organize drawers, the procedure is the same as we have drawer organizer for kitchen or cupboard. If you want something different or if your idea is another, you can place various asymmetric wooden boxesand place all your gadgets on it. Use small glasses or glass jars to store small things and on top of that you can roll the napkins and place them in a tidy way as well.

If the problem is that your cabinets are no longer suitable for anything, you can buy wooden slats and place them on the wall. Then hang glass jars on them and insert your toothbrushes, makeup brushes, etc.

You can also place boxes, through adhesive hangers, for storing the hair dryer and other hair care accessories such as curling irons, flat irons, etc.

How to make an office organizer

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The office is another place where order should reign, however, this rarely happens. Get it by doing a cardboard desk organizer. Easy and inexpensive. Just take cardboard tubes and cut them in half. Use a few big boxes where the wires go, so that they act as the center and around them you put other shorter tubes, you can do this by forming a flower that goes from the larger to the center at the smallest towards the outside.

Decorate the cards as desired. A good option is to cover them with foam board. You can place pencils, scissors, etc. inside.

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