In Wood Me we have already come up with some DIY ideas that you can apply in the decoration of the house. Now we want to surprise you with the DIY with pallets and which surprisingly have many possibilities. With these ideas that we are going to give you, you will surely be encouraged to take a pallet and try to see if you can make a shelf or a decorative item like the ones you are going to see below. We also see what leftovers from well-known stores have committed to decorating with pallets, so why not contribute our own ideas?


DIY with pallets

The imagination of human beings has no limits and covers all areas. In the case of decoration, throughout history we have gone through different eras and styles. Today it seems that eco-friendly materials and original designs reign supreme, but at the same time austere and functional.

Much has also been established on the culture of recycling, the reuse and do it yourself. The goal is to achieve an original and inexpensive decoration that avoids leather or synthetic materials.

In this sense, today we show you decorative elements made with pallets, a perfect example of the clever decorations that can be achieved with such a common and useful object.


The the pallets are made of wood And knowing that this material is one of the most used to make all kinds of furniture and of course, one of the best for those of us who are DIY enthusiasts, we realize the many possibilities to reuse a palette to transform it into something elseWhether it’s a shelf, table or even a shoe rack.

Being made of different sheets of wood, the pallets are perfect for some DIY work. For example, they can be used to adjust them and place them so that they hold like a shelf or if we want we can even form a patio table with chairs, all made with pallets.

Now let’s take a look at some DIY ideas with pallets and all we can do with them and a little imagination.

DIY with pallets | Ideas


In these pictures we see three DIY ideas with some really amazing palettes. On the one hand, we have a Shoemaker, to which we had practically nothing to do; then we have shelves from several of the sheets that make up the palette, and finally we have a recycled pallet so that we can place all our little jars andn the balcony or terrace.


Other ideas for the DIY palette are to be able to make shelves or shelves like these. On the one hand, you can choose a few sheets of wood To place books or photo frames, you can also place a single one, paint it in a slightly darker color and use it to place bottles inside of wine or various liqueurs.


Those who want to practice a little more elaborate DIY, you always have the opportunity to try a pallet as a swing. You just need to cut the pallet to the desired width for the swing and tie it with ropes.


And even more original if possible. We take a few pallets that are ready to be thrown away, we sand them, we paint them white, we varnish them and once they are finished, we put them on several cushions or small mattresses. This way you can have original seats or beds for unforeseen guests at home.

small table with pallets

Of course, due to their shape and size, pallets are also ideal for improvising tables. The possibilities are endless, you can make a table for the kitchen by adding a few feet to a pallet or join several pallets and make a kind of living room table. The options are endless, take a look at the image above to get an idea of ​​what you could do. What do you think of this table with included magazine rack?

pallet racking
Others already freak out a lot and build pretty much the entire decor of a room out of pallets. This is almost the case with this imposing shelving which dominates the whole room. Best of all, it looks pretty good and gives it both a modern and a traditional image.

pallet bed
Before we talk about how you can make sofas, seats or beds from pallets. There is even more, you can also convert a palette to bedhead from your bed. As you can see in the photo, the truth is that there is nothing wrong. Plus, you can always paint it any color you want (or if it’s a kid, paint it any way you like, totally, it’s just a palette).

wedding pallets
There are also other, much more original ways of using a palette, for example as an indicator of addresses. The truth is, it’s a very cool idea for a wedding or similar event: it’s original and useful for equal attendees.

You see that palettes give a lot of ideas, below we have a photo gallery for you to take more and get inspiration for your next DIY work.

DIY photo gallery with pallets: