Do-it-yourself is perhaps a very popular hobby and in fact allows that in many homes we can still save an extra expense for what arrangements and which we can do on our own as is the case with anything else. happens in DIY on wood.

The wood It is a noble material that is in fact present in every house, whether it is through the chairs, a door of a wardrobe and even in some older homes or where they emphasized “vintage” fashion through the windows (since aluminum or PVC are more common today). Although nowadays, new conservation techniques and the way furniture and household items are made allow wood to be preserved. Sometimes we will have to repair a chair who has aged or we will want to paint a door, etc … we can consider all that as DIY for wood.

DIY wood at home:

  • Painting a wooden chair, door or window
  • Repair wood damaged by moisture. Sometimes we have the wood of a door or window that is too exposed to bad weather and the cold or the rain can subject it to the attack of humidity which will deteriorate the wood by creating cracks and that ends up being prudish. We can recover it by applying putty to the open holes and then painting again.
  • All kinds of wooden furniture construction. DIY isn’t just about repairing furniture. With the necessary materials and tools, we will be able to create them ourselves and in this way many people will be able to build at home a table, a chair, a cupboard, a chest of drawers or a cradle for our baby, etc. all based on the same base: wood.

Now that yes, one thing we must take into account when treating wood with our DIYIt will be a question of knowing or at least of knowing the types of wood that we can have in the furniture of the house.

Here are the types of wood:

  • Soft woods. The most used to make the furniture that we all have at home because it is more moldable. It is obtained from “evergreen” trees such as cypresses, pines or firs.
  • Hardwoods. It is a wood a little more difficult to mold, that is to say it costs more to extract a piece of furniture from it, but the truth is that it is used for the realization of those which are then marketed like better quality and obviously at a more expensive price.
  • Wood derivatives. Wood derivatives are all those leftovers that are obtained from noble woods, such as branches, chips or bark and in fact they end up becoming the materials that are found in many pieces of furniture such as plywood and wood. particle board.

I leave you a DIY video in and for wood:

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