Do solar panels work in winter?
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When the cold tightens and the snow begins to fall, as has happened in the various cold spells that have hit the country this season, doubts about solar energy multiply.

Does a photovoltaic system operate in winter?Is this appropriate if I live in an area with very low temperatures? These are some of the frequently asked questions that are holding back the expansion of solar as an alternative energy source. But what is true about them? Or, in other words, are winter and snow at odds with solar power?

Performance of photovoltaic panels in winter.

In order not to delay the answer, we clarify it from the start: the solar panels always work in wintereven when it’s snowing. Now, if the snowfall is so heavy that it has been completely covered, the performance will be compromised.

However, the above does not translate into the widely held belief that a home photovoltaic installation will not work during the colder months. The reason is simple. Photovoltaic panels for electricity production they do not capture the energy of heat, but of light. In fact, low temperatures are preferable to high temperatures, in terms of improving the performance of the panels.

Solar panels in winter
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Winter obstacles: fewer hours to capture sunlight.

What is indisputable is that, the fewer hours of sun exposure, the less energy will be captured by the panels. And that, in winter, when the days are shorter, is inevitable. At this point, the type of panel chosen will be crucial.

If the installation is equipped with high efficiency systems, the problems will be less than in other cases. Thus, anyone who plans to equip themselves with a solar kit, must take this aspect into account. High-quality panels that are anti-reflective or with solar tracking mechanisms will be more expensive, but they will avoid dissatisfaction in the months of the year when natural light is more scarce.

Maintenance of panels in winter.

One issue that should pay particular attention to the onset of winter will be the maintenance of panels. This, without a doubt, is more demanding these months, especially for those who live in areas where snow is usually seen.

If this is your case, it is advisable not to neglect yourself. While the vast majority of photovoltaic panels support a certain weight without problem, extreme precautions must be taken in the event of heavy snowfall. While it is common for snow to fall quickly, during prolonged cold spells the panels can get stuck. This situation poses a double challenge: that of the weight on the panel and that of saying goodbye to the capture of energy while they are covered in snow. In this case, removing the blocks manually, personally or by contacting specialized professionals, will be the most suitable solution to avoid damaging the installation and to continue to benefit from the energy of the sun, even on very sunny days. harshest of winter.