Many people ask whether woodworm, termites or other wood-eating insects also feed on particle boards, commonly known as chipboard, or fiber boards. The latter are also known as MDF (medium density fiber board) or DM (medium density) boards.

The first thing we must keep in mind to resolve this issue is that these timber insects feed on cellulose, a molecule present in plants and trees. Therefore, if there is cellulose, there will be food for them.

The doubt arises because these boards, used in the manufacture of all types of furniture, go through an industrial process where the shredded wood is mixed with adhesives and other chemical components. It may seem logical to think that, after this process, what was once food for these insects will no longer be food.

The reality is different, because in fact termites and woodworm and / or MDF attack agglomerate plates. Of course, not with the same virulence as they would with natural wood, but if they don’t have another food in hand they will. This happens not only with these materials, but also with other products made with wood such as cardboard, paper and even some fabrics.

It is possible to acquire fiberboard or chipboard with fungicide treatments this would help repel these insects. Something very useful in geographical and environmental areas where there is an abundance of termites, woodworm, moths or other insects. In addition, surface treatments can be applied to prevent the appearance of xylophages.

If what we are looking for is some type of wood resistant to woodworm, termites or other insects, these are your options.

There are differences between how weevils and termites attack

There are important differences. Termites are social insects, that is, they attack in groups. They form colonies that keep growing and need more and more food.

Woodworm is not social, in fact, they go it alone. They feed on wood during their larval cycle and then leave the hole they made in the wood.

The correct diagnosis is very important, as it depends a lot on the solution to be applied. In the case of termites, whose attack can be much more important, a timely diagnosis is essential.