Audi E-Tron
Audi E-Tron. Image: VanderWolf Images – Shutterstock.

Electric vehicles can be zero emissions, but this is a problem, for example in the United States 62% of electricity was produced with fossil fuels in 2018, most still leave a significant footprint when we charge their batteries . Renewable energy sources, like solar, hydrogen or hydroelectric, could eliminate this problem, but not everyone has the conditions to do so. Audi wants to help you with this problem, offering a free solar farm subscription to buyers of an Audi E-Tron, so that you can get an electric vehicle powered by the sun.

Arcadia operates solar farms in remote locations across the United States and its platform allows customers to purchase electricity produced by its solar photovoltaic panels. Tenants and owners can subscribe to this service to buy the electricity produced in these orchards, and receive a credit on their energy bill if their utility company supports the platform. A new alliance with Audi offers the 3,000 first buyers of E-Tron electric SUVs a free 10-year subscription to this energy platform that provides them with electricity derived from solar energy generated by 10 solar panels. These panels produce around 80 kWh each month, according to Arcadia, and actual power generation and savings will vary based on regional solar performance.

With a 95.3 kWh battery, the program can compensate for approximately one full Audi E-Tron charge per month per customer. The average price paid by US residential customers for electricity was $ 0.13 per kWh (November 2019), according to the US Energy Information Administration, which means it offers savings of $ 0.13 per kWh (November 2019). electricity prices at the consumer’s home.

Charging the Audi E-Tron
Audi E-Tron fees. Image: Ralf Liebhold – Shutterstock.

But more than saving money, the agreement raises awareness of the Arcadia program which opens up access to renewable energies to all tenants and owners, whether they live in sunny climates or have the economic capacity to ” install solar panels on their roof. And there’s nothing stopping environmentally conscious E-Tron owners from increasing their subscription if they want to fully offset their electric vehicle’s electricity consumption. Membership also allows Arcadia to connect residents with wind energy providers and to benefit from other sources that may be less expensive than what your utility offers.