Self-consumption photovoltaic kit
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Italian green genius offers the possibility of rent photovoltaic panels online, open to individuals and businesses.

How to rent photovoltaic panels?

A new way to Reduce your electricity bill comes from Italy and rents solar panels online.

This possibility is offered for the first time in Italy by the company Green Genius, specialized in the distribution of solar energy. Your model of rental of photovoltaic panels It is aimed at both individuals and businesses. All you need to do is get a roof over the head and the company will take care of the installation, paperwork, and insurance. A business model we have already talked about, renting a roof.

Currently, the average cost for Italians buying electricity is 0.21 euro per kWh including taxes, while the average cost of electricity for businesses is 0.14 euro per kWh including taxes.

It is one of the highest rates in the European Union. By installing free solar panels, Green Genius will reduce the cost of electricity for users by up to € 0.11 per kWh.

The owners will be able to reduce your annual electricity bills by 20% or more, depending on various factors. The amount of savings depends on the relationship between the amount of electricity consumed directly and that stored on the grid, because in Italy operators apply taxes on energy storage.

Solar energy must be accessible to everyone. The model of solar power plant rental and power generation as a service, which has already been successful in Northern Europe, can offer many benefits to Italian consumers. Thanks to the high number of sunny days in Italy, the production and use of solar energy can be very efficient for individuals and businesses.

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The company install free solar power plants on roofs and terraces private homes of its clients, who do not have to deal with the maintenance or the preparation of the necessary documentation. Consumers, who can book the service directly online, pay for the service subscription in kilowatts.

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In the case of individuals, the additional solar energy produced is stored in their electricity grid and will be available during dark hours or cloudy days. For the conservation of energy in the common grid, the national operator applies a fixed tax, so it is more advantageous for individuals to consume in a short time as much solar energy as possible produced by the plant.

It is estimated that the installation of a solar power plant of 3 kW at your expense costs at least 6000 euros. Purchasing solar power as a service, on the other hand, does not require any upfront investment.

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