Doors are undoubtedly a staple in any home and sometimes they have a tendency to fail when opening or closing. Perhaps the fault is in its hinges, so in Bricolaje10 we now explain what they are and what types exist.

Door hinges are hardware that allows you to open and close doors, as well as the Windows. They are usually iron and consist of two pieces that fit together and hinge the door (or window) in a way that allows it to be opened or closed.

How can the hinges for the doors be:

  • Plastic: Plastic hinges seem to have become all the rage in many homes. They are perhaps a little more “modern” although the function of the metals of all life is the same. Most plastic hinges tend to have greater durability although they do not tend to erode over time.
  • Metal: Metal hinges are those that can be made of iron, steel or metal and are also plentiful for the doors of all homes. These types of hinges are generally more common and of course less expensive than plastic hinges.

On the other hand, it should be explained that the door hinges can be positioned differently depending on their articulation and their adjustment.

There are several types of door hinges depending on their function. These are the most common:

  • Book hinge: They imitate the shape of an open book and are perhaps the best known. They occur more in windows or small doors than in large doors. They are screwed on their sides which allows them to be fixed to the door and that it opens and closes when desired.

  • Piano hinges: Its operation is the same as that of the book, although they are much longer, stronger and more resistant so they seem more suitable for a door.

  • Hinges hinges: Another type of hinge that often occurs on doors. It consists of two pieces that fit together and are positioned so that one is in the door frame while the other is in the door so that it can open and close. close without moving the hinge. They must be placed by a professional.

  • Double action hinges: These are hinges that are used in doors where you want a double opening. They are widely used in restaurant kitchen doors. They open the door freely in both directions and the door always returns to its place (closes by itself). Its installation is very simple, because it is enough to screw them to the frame and the edge of the door.

These are the most common door hinges, although depending on what we are looking for or what type of door we have, we may need hinges that are larger or with a bit more elaborate mechanism.

Door hinge video:

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