Doussie or vitacola is a tropical wood of great quality and beauty. It is comparable to mahogany and teak for its appearance, durability and stability. It is also an incredibly versatile wood, suitable for both the most demanding uses and for decorative purposes.

Its scientific name is Afzelia spp.

Vitacola wood is native to a vast area of ​​tropical Africa.

Features of Vitacola Wood

ColorThe heartwood varies from golden brown to reddish brown. The sapwood is light yellowish in color. The color darkens over time.

Fiber: Straight, sometimes interlaced.

Grain: Medium.

Density: Heavy wood of about 790-800 kg / m3 at 12% humidity.

Toughness: It is a hard wood with values ​​between 7.4 and 7.7 in the Monnin test.

Durability: High durability wood. Moderately durable against termites and marine borers. Very resistant to other insects.

Dimensional stability: Stable wood.

  • Volumetric shrinkage coefficient: 0.34 ~ 0.40% slightly edgy wood.

Mechanical properties:

  • Compressive strength: 740 kg / cmtwo
  • Static flexural strength: 1,730 kg / cmtwo
  • Modulus of elasticity: 137,000 kg / cmtwo

Impregnation: Heartwood not impregnable, sapwood moderately impregnable.

Workability: Doussie wood is not an easy wood to work with.

  • Sawn. No problems beyond those derived from its hardness.
  • Drying. Slow, with risk of cracks and deformations.
  • Brushed. Risk of repelling when there is an interlaced fiber.
  • Glued. Smoothly.
  • Nailed and screwed. Pre-drills must be made due to their hardness. It tends to crack with the use of nails.
  • Finish. Problems with certain varnishes due to rubber deposits.
  • May cause skin and eye irritation.

Price: Moderate, considering that it is imported tropical wood.

Uses of Doussie or Vitacola

  • Internal and external furniture.
  • Carpentry assembly.
  • Interior and exterior carpentry: doors, windows, friezes, floors, coverings, stairs …
  • Natural wood veneers.
  • Construction of naval infrastructure such as docks or bridges.
  • Boats.
  • Cooperage.
  • Flip and sculpt.