At Bricolaje10 we now want to tell you about a piece of furniture or a bedroom element that we do not always have in mind when it comes to furnishings but to which we could give the same importance, for example, that cupboards. We are now talking about drawers.

the drawers It is nothing more than the furniture that we can use to store the clothing which is folded and which in fact consist of drawers.

Functionality of drawers:

  • the drawers They consist of a number of drawers which can vary according to their height or whether they are larger or smaller. Their function is generally to allow us to store our clothes in these drawers or that they do not fit in the Wardrove or clothes that are folded and that we don’t need to hang.
  • Among these clothes that can be folded without risk of wrinkling or of poorly putting on, we can say that T-shirts, underwear, scarves, some sweaters which are not very thick or even a lot of our summer garment we can to put no problem inside the drawers.
  • This cabinet usually has a simple design with no legs and is structured from a narrow wood. Although the vast majority of them have three or four square or rectangular drawers, they can be found a bit taller and, for example, have eight drawers.
  • Some people “adapt” even the tallest or tallest drawer to primarily store their. jewelry, watches or accessories that can be put and that they take up little space so they are ideal to store in a drawer.

We can also add that drawers They will also be considered the internal area of ​​the cabinets in which the drawers are included. Not all cabinet models include drawers, although the larger and more modern ones always have them, so we do not have to buy an external chest of drawers and save space.

Although all drawers, are made of wood or other more “modern” materials such as melamine one can also find different kinds of styles.

Drawer styles:

  • Vintage chest of drawers: They are perhaps the most expensive and the most difficult to find, although it can be said that they are very beautiful old drawers and made of carved and very worked wood.
  • Modern chest of drawers: Dresser made to decorate in an original way and which for example can have shapes that do not correspond to traditional ones and give a different style to our room.
  • Design chest of drawers: Can be considered in addition to drawers Design, drawers make them modern. Usually, this type is usually quite exclusive and made by imitating some original shape or mode for its creation.

I now leave you some photos on the dresser:

Video of drawers:

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