Dried pineapples are one of the best materials to work with because pines produce a lot throughout the year and have many uses besides serving for Arts and crafts. There are all sizes and shapes too and you can collect them both in your backyard and while camping. Here are some ornaments you can make with dried pineapples.

Dried pineapple decorations | photo frames

Dried pineapple-ornaments-photo-frames

This frame is suitable for both photos and small works of art. In addition, it is quick and easy to do.

First get a base for the frame. It could be a photo frame that you are not using, a wood sheet or one piece of polystyrene. If you use one of the last two options, consider painting them any color you like, for example, a the golden goes well with the brown of the pineapples. On the other hand, dried pineapples. We will use large and small pineapples (as they fill in the spaces left by the large ones). You can paint them any color you prefer. In our case, we painted some of them gold.

Finally, Glue the pineapples selected to the image we create. the hot glue it works pretty well in this case and dries quickly. You can also use white glue.

For small executives

In case the dried cones in your garden are too big and bulky to adhere to the frame of selected photos, there is an alternative for you. Instead of using whole pineapples, use the “tears” where the pine nuts are housed. Each pineapple can be “peeled” to obtain a huge amount of “tears”. When you have the necessary quantity, go and stick the said “tears” on the photo frame to give it the rustic touch you were looking for.

Dried pineapple decorations | Centerpieces


If you want to give a rustic touch to your dinners, consider including a centerpiece that uses dried pineapple. To make the centerpiece of the picture, you will need dried pine cones, candles, branches of beautiful bushes and a wooden planter.

First make sure the planter is in good condition if you haven’t purchased it recently. Consider adding a coat of polish to give it an attractive shine. Second, and in case you don’t have enough pineapple to fill the whole jarUse material you have in abundance that doesn’t clash to fill the planter almost to the brim.

Finally, add the pineapples so that they come out of the pot. Put a few candles in the center (it would be handy if they were in a glass container because the resin in pineapples is quite flammable) and add the twigs of the bushes. You will already have a fantastic rustic centerpiece that will give a special touch to your meals.

Other centerpieces

You can create centerpieces using dried pineapple in a thousand ways. Some examples of this are placing a glass urn in the center of the table and filling it with pine cones; fill a clear glass vase with pine cones facing the top and place dry tree branches on top; mix dried pineapples with decorative flowers in a bowl; empty the body of the pineapple and insert a candle so that it acts as a candle holder (be sure to remove all the resin that permeates the pineapple before doing this as it could catch fire) or paint the pine cones entirely and put them in an urn to form the colors of your favorite football team.

Dried pineapple decorations | Christmas tinsel


By using dried pine cones we can make great Christmas wreaths, as you can see in the picture before these words.

To make this Christmas wreath you will need something to use as a base that defines a perfect circumference. Can be any circular rubber object, foam or even metallic. The point is, we need a guide to make the circumference perfect. You will also need a strong and quick adhesive. Hot glue may be fine for you, but if you see that the set is going to weigh a lot and cause the joint points to suffer, consider using a stronger glue.

First, position the circular object that we will use as a guide on the ground. Then go place some dried pineapples on it forming a crown. Second, when you place the pineapples in place, glue them at the base and between them so that when you are done all the pineapples form a solid whole. Third, you can paint the pineapples in an even tone by spraying them with paint spray. You can also varnish them to give them an attractive shine. Finally, use a nice fabric (a scarf for example) to hang the crown.

Dried pineapple decorations | Christmas’ balls

If you want to use dried pine cones to make balls to hang from your tree or put in a bowl, here is a great way to do it.

Christmas decoration with burning candle.

First of all, you will need pieces of fabric that you do not need but which feature attractive patterns or beautiful colors. Second, cut the fabric into pieces of 3 × 3 centimeters. Fold each cutout on itself so that it’s a square that your thumb fits into. We bend the cuttings because we want to give them more volume and they don’t lie flat like paper. Third, using glue, paste the cutouts folded around dried pineapple placing them with one of their corners facing up. Add additional cuts to form rings around the pineapple, still with one of its thorns in an upright position.

When you have covered all the pineapple, starting at the bottom, add extra rings so that one can appreciate that there are different layers in the same way that a pineapple presents them. At the end, if you want to hang them, nail a small socket to their end to act as an anchor. Now you can brag about having the most original Christmas decorations in your neighborhood.

Here you can see more decorating ideas with dried pine cones for Christmas:

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