Receiving online classes is something we got used to during Covid-19. Driving schools are no stranger to this reality and there is now the possibility of preparing for your theory exam online, avoid unnecessary travel.

Driving license courses are transferred to the Internet thanks to the advancement of digital tools.

The Covid-19 emergency does not preclude the need for learning and online driving school courses allow us to obtain driver’s licenses. Now, Onroad has launched a new project which allows anyone to prepare for their theory test even in this time of emergency. With them you have the opportunity to get your free driving test.

In these times, many driving schools have difficulty in teaching their courses with the traditional model, but now we have the possibility to use online platforms to study and prepare for the driving theory test.

The restrictions imposed to counter the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 also affect all driving school activities, since in some cases the exams to obtain a driver’s license have been postponed and in others, the deadlines related to the driving license. circulation. On the road is the solution to these problems.

Online driving course.

The courses to obtain the driving license online can be as simple as the others, from your smartphone and via the Internet you can start the preparation for your theory test.

Online teaching classes, which can be conducted from a PC, tablet or smartphone, allow students to study theory interactively.

In the online class of On the road You have at your disposal the theory subjects (all the content of the official DGT program), the tests (more than 2000 questions) and the exams, with the support of your teaching team, to be able to prepare your theoretical driving test economically. possible, without travel, at the time you want, from where you want, without more expenses than the official expenses. Save time and money while travelingSave money for tuition and management fees, you will only pay the official fees. All the management, the registration process to take the exam, it’s all online.

When you’re ready, all you need to do is go to the assigned day at your province’s exam center and take your exam. As simple as that.

Once you have passed the knowledge test, it will be time to prepare for the practical test. For this, Onroad has prepared a package of 20 courses at a fixed price so that you can use it in the driving school of your choice, qualified teachers and sometimes electives.


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Online driving courses, who are they for?

This online learning system to prepare for the driving test is suitable for everyone. But at this point, it becomes even more important if possible, as the pandemic makes e-learning a very valuable resource.

If you cannot or do not want, due to your personal situation, for your health, to go to face-to-face classes, to be in closed classrooms with more people, this type of online learning is recommended for you.

Remember that by reducing travel, we are also reducing our footprint.

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