Durable XO computer charger

As part of a project called “Sustainable Schools” in which, among other things, they recycle water from sumps for further irrigation use to the organic garden; The initiative of a father occurs that with the children, they can create from disused materials, (disused bicycle, alternator and battery of an abandoned car, belt and cables of an old washing machine and burnt electrical resistance of a kitchen as a stand) a pedal charger for durable XO.

The children immediately left and with their XOs began an in-depth investigation into the functioning and connection of mechanical and electrical energy. This experiment was used to study and the relationship between certain sciences such as physics and mathematics. This is how they came to create this original invention with which they can charge their XO pedaling.

With little money and a lot of imagination you can achieve great things, congratulations to the chic @ s of school 224 of El Pinor. To continue to improve the prototype.

+ i: http://www.xosustentable.blogspot.com/