When renovating a kitchen, it is common to collect information and opinions about the different materials that can be used. In this case, we will not focus on Duropal countertops, a product known for its good performance and excellent quality / price ratio.

The first thing to comment is that Duropal is not a type of bench, it is a brand internationally known surfaces with which countertops can be manufactured. The manufacturer holding this mark is the German company Pfleiderer.

Features of duropal countertops


  • Coating: HPL (high pressure laminate) or high resistance high pressure laminate.
  • Core. It consists of a panel of high resistance particles. It is marketed standard and waterproof (greater resistance to moisture). For a relatively short time now, they are also available with an HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core much more compact than the traditional one.
  • Front edge: It is sold in two versions, the classic rounded or with a straight edge where the edge was fixed by laser for better result and greater protection.
  • As an anti-drip system, to avoid staining kitchen doors, they make a small indentation in the interior. This is hidden.

Wide variety of colors and designs in continuous update. Currently, we can find more than 50 options in the Duropal catalog.

Non-porous surface. This means that it does not stain, as with natural stones such as marble and granite with some products such as wine or lemon. This feature has other implications:

  • Very easy to clean. In most cases, a damp cloth will be sufficient.
  • Anti-bacterial.


  • Success. Good resistance, more than enough to use as a kitchen top.
  • Warm. It has good heat resistance, but can be damaged if it is excessive. For example, when coming into contact with a hot pan or skillet when removing it from the fire.


  • Thickness. It is sold mainly in two thicknesses: 28.8 mm and 38.8 mm. Recently, compacts (HDF) with a thickness of 12 mm have also been marketed.
  • Dimensions. Two possible lengths: 410 or 530 centimeters. Widths: 600, 650, 670, 900, 1000 and 1200 mm.

Duropal countertops price. These have an average price. On the other hand, it is superior to other similar types of countertops (in some cases with inferior performance), but inferior to those of other materials such as granite, marble, quartz or porcelain. Simply put, good value for money.


  • The particle board that makes up the core of the bench can be affected (swollen) if water penetrates the interior. In most cases, it is a problem due to poor installation (sealing, edges or joints) or because the surface has deteriorated (excessive heat or strong knocks). This disadvantage is also true, although the effects are minor, in the water-repellent version of the particle board.
  • As we have said, shock resistance is quite acceptable and sufficient for most people. However, it is also common to comment that it does not have the same resistance as stone (marble or granite) or quartz countertops.

Uses of Duropal

In particular, Duropal countertops can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in cafeterias, restaurants, shops, doctors’ offices or laboratories, thanks to their hygienic properties.

However, the material that makes up the lining of the chipboard, which in fact is called Duropal, has many other uses: manufacture of all types of furniture that may even be suitable for damp areas, shelves, partitions, coverings, etc. And even some types of 3D effects can be recorded.

Recommendations for use:

  • Do not cut directly on the counter, use a board for this.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products.

Duropal Vs Other Types of Countertops

Comparisons and surveys are common as to whether one type of bench is good or better than another type.

In this sense, we made some small comparisons between the main alternatives that those who intend to buy a Duropal bench are considering.

Duropal or Formica

They are very similar products, almost identical. Like Duropal, Formica is a brand and not a type of bench. In both cases, it is a wood particle board covered by a high pressure laminate (HPL).

The main differences can be found in the designs available and in some measures.

If you choose this type of bench, it is very likely that the decision between Duropal or Formica is conditioned by the place where you make the purchase or by the professional with whom you carry out the renovation. Typically, these establishments work with only one of these suppliers and everything they offer their customers.

Duropal or Silestone (Compact Quartz)

This time, there are important differences. For starters, Silestone countertops are made of quartz and resins. This is not the only brand that manufactures this type of bench, but it is the best known.

  • Quartz offers a surface that is more resistant to shocks and scratches.
  • Compact quartz countertops are considerably more expensive.
  • Duropal offers a larger catalog of designs and decorative possibilities. Although we must not forget that in recent years the possibilities with quartz countertops have multiplied.
  • Excessive heat can damage the surface in both cases.
  • Both are antibacterial.

Remember, we have a comment section where you can tell us about your experience or read the opinions of other visitors about the Duropal stands.