The Canadian company says it can harness the heat emanating from the Earth’s core to produce unlimited energy anywhere in the world.

The holy grail of the energy industry has long been to generate limitless electricity through nuclear fusion, efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy here on Earth.

But while nuclear fusion still looks 20 to 30 years away, similar results can be achieved with existing technology. harness the heat emanating from the Earth’s 6000 ° C molten coreaccording to a Canadian start-up.

Eavor thinks it will be capable of delivering gigawatts of renewable energy anywhere in the world for less than $ 50 / MWh by the end of the decade, making its technology competitive with natural gas and coal. And it has already launched a pilot project, Eavor-Lite in Alberta, Canada, since last December.

The idea seems simple, drill a deep hole anywhere on the planet and the temperature will rise by about 30 ° C for every kilometer of depth. In some volcanic hot spots, temperature gradients reach 60 ° C or more per kilometer. So you drill to a depth of 3 to 5 km – as the oil and gas industry sometimes does – and the temperature of the rock will potentially be several hundred degrees Celsius. Water poured into, or produced from, the hole would immediately turn into steam, a resource that can transform turbines that generate electricity.

Now, what if the hole was not a well, but a closed circuit in which cold water – or a working fluid with similar behavior – passes through a pipe for 3-5 km, then horizontally underground for about a few miles to another pipe and along the surface at the start?

The circuit would generate constant power, it would feed primarily due to thermodynamics. Since cold water is more dense than hot water, it effectively pushes hot water to the surface. In a closed pressurized circuit where cold water is constantly heated underground and heat is extracted to the surface by organic Rankine cycle turbines, the liquid will circulate continuously without the need for a pump, a phenomenon known as name of thermosyphon.

Adjusting the pressure in the loop by means of a surface valve can change the speed of the cycle, thereby increasing or decreasing power generation, making it a system capable of producing energy on demand, depending on the needs.

Eavor says you can build self-contained, scalable Eavor loops using proven drilling techniques from the oil and gas industry – as well as some of its own patented or patent pending innovations – to enable Earth’s infinite renewable energies. to achieve competitive prices in the market.

The technology is now ready for commercial deployment, says Redfern, adding that it has already gained the attention of governments, oil companies and municipalities around the world.

They expect Eavor to be able to reduce the cost of solar power and batteries in “two to three years”, and the company’s medium-term goal is to provide enough heat and / or electricity to power ten million homes over the next decade.


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