Innovative zero waste soap container designed and created by a student. The idea is to reduce single-use plastic waste.

Plastic covers many products we use today, from shampoo and soap bottles to most of the food we buy.

A student from the Central University of Saint Martins, Mi Zhou, created and designed 100% ecological soap bottles and packaging: the Soapack.

The container itself can be used as a bar of soap and disintegrates once the liquid it contains is used up. Alternatively, you can just reuse the bottle as the next shampoo bottle.

Zhou was looking for a solution to replace current packaging, almost all plastic and non-reusable. Typically, once a plastic bottle is used, it is thrown away and can take years to disintegrate.

The smooth, rounded shapes catch both the touch and the eye, as he drew inspiration from vintage perfume bottles to design them.

I have found that compared to shampoo bottles, we are more likely to keep perfume bottles that are mostly glass and look good.

My Zhou.

Even though the perfume has run out, we keep the bottles because they are too pretty to throw away.

These containers are made from vegetable oil-based soap, the bottles melt when they are no longer needed, even the “paper” labeling disintegrates in water. Brilliant!

Zhou uses a thin layer of beeswax to line the bottles so that the liquid they contain does not leak.

Literally, everything in these bottles is ecological, zero waste.

One of Zhou’s goals is to persuade potential buyers to think twice before purchasing a beauty product.

We live in a time of transition where we are encouraged to live “sustainably” in situations where few alternatives are offered. We must encourage people to use these alternatives to respect our environment.

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