Solar vibrator. Powered by small solar panels.

wind vibrator

Besides vibrators, there are also initiatives for their correct recycling, since it is an electronic device like any other. This is how V was bornibronove, an initiative of for the correct collection and recycling of this type of equipment. On their website you can find more information.

Biodegradable condoms. The Trojan horse NaturaLamb It is made of lambskin and offers greater sensitivity and pleasure, although a little thicker. Unfortunately, it is only effective in preventing pregnancy and not the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, so it is best used by monogamous heterosexual couples who are only completely disease free.

String vibrator. It comes with one of these motors which works by turning a crank. 4 minutes cranking will give you half an hour of batteries in your vibrator so that … well, that’s obvious. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s made from recycled materials.

I am the first surprised by these articles, ecological fashion reaches all corners. Over time, we will complete the article with more environmentally friendly erotic toys that we find all over the world.