Now that we are more aware of the limitations of our planet, it is not difficult for us to turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, or turn off lights and equipment that we do not use. We are inundated with products for sale that have some seal, label or promotion about how ecological it is, although we are often not sure what it refers to. Even what we eat, we try to at least be organic.

However, when we go to furnish our house, green is rarely a major factor to decide, mainly because we do not have clear criteria to evaluate it. Here are some recommendations on ecological wooden furniture:

Wood is better: If you are sensitized to ecology, perhaps upon hearing this statement an image of helpless animals will come to mind, while a gigantic and monstrous machine (which expels black smoke) destroys a beautiful Amazon rainforest in its wake. Of course, we are not referring to this wood. The truth is that wood is the only renewable material that exists for the manufacture of furniture.

Not only that, but trees capture and store CO2 the environment. In fact, about 50% of the wood is CO2, which we can store in a way that is harmless to us and beneficial to the environment, for example, in a beautiful walnut dining room. Otherwise, that carbon dioxide would return to the environment when the wood biodegrades, when the tree dies. In addition, young trees capture the most air, as it is the period of greatest and fastest growth.

Certificate is even better: there are many types of certifications for wooden furniture; There are some of their production processes and finishes, but without a doubt what matters most is the origin of the wood.

The forest certifications of the wood, is the mechanism that is being promoted to support the wood of forests managed properly and, thus, to stop the deforestation. In Spain, there are two main ones: certification by the Forest Stewardship Council or Council of Forest Management (FSC), founded in 1993, define themselves as an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization created to promote responsible management of the world’s forests and make our wooden furniture truly ecological.

Since 1998, there has also been Pan-European Forest Certification (PEFC for its acronym in English) also nonprofit and that pursues the same ends.

Recycling is also good: Recycling is practically always green, whether you use pallets to make a table, the tables on your grandfather’s bookcase to make a dining room or the newspaper to make a bottle of papier-mache, you are extending the life of a little , thereby reducing the use of new resources to replace them and eliminate waste. It’s not always cheaper, but undoubtedly its charm is greater and you will have one more subject to talk about when you have guests.

paulownia trees
Paulownia tree convert more oxygen than the other types of trees