If your kids inherited the craft gene and can’t wait to get something done every day, we have solutions for you. You will only need egg cartons and a few extra supplies. With them you can recreate fantastic handicrafts that will delight the little ones.

How to make animals with egg cartons – Dragon

How to make-animals-with-dragon-egg-boxes

If you want to instill in your children your passion for fantastic works, we have the perfect craft for you. A dragon profession that you will surely love. You will only need the following materials:

  • Egg box
  • Green paint or marker
  • 0.5cm ribbon or cord
  • Felt for the tongue
  • Plastic or adhesive eyes
  • Red and black card
  • The scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue

To start recreating the perfect dragon, cut out the “glasses” from the egg carton (the egg housing) and the spikes in between.

Once you have the goggles and spikes, paint them green. When they are dry, use the ribbon for ties to join the pieces like it was a snake. In other words, make a small hole in the bottom of the glasses to pass the ribbon through them. The back of the glasses should face forward. The spikes will be used in the same way but to form the tail of the dragon.

As you run the ribbon, tie knots so that everything the parts are kept at a distance from each other and do not separate when we take the craft.

We glue the felt that we will use as a tongue inside the hole of the first glass so that it protrudes. Also add the plastic eyes by gluing them together.

On the other hand, use the red card to cut out wings. We are going to staple them in the middle of the dragon’s body. The black card will help us add scales to the dragon. Cut out triangles and staple them vertically along the dragon’s body. With this you will have this complete fantastic craft.

How To Make Animals With Egg Cartons – Chicks

How to make-animals-with-egg-boxes - Chicks

This chick craft is very easy to do both endearing and will undoubtedly delight the little ones. To make these chicks, you will only need:

  • Egg box
  • Paints or colored markers
  • Glue
  • The scissors
  • Black marker (for eyes)
  • Colorful plastic pens
  • Cardboard or paper (which you will need to paint orange) for the spout

To start, we will cut out all the glasses in the egg carton and we will remove the excess cardboard from the edges to have a more or less precise glass shape. Then we will glue the glasses two by two, one at the top and one at the bottom, which will form the body of our chicks.

Once the two halves of the body are glued, we will prepare for paint them whatever color we want. When the whole is dry, draw the eyes with the black marker.

From the cardboard or paper, which you will need to color orange, we will cut out a triangle, which, folded in half, will become the beak of the chick. Then glue the beak to the body.

Finally, stick a plastic pen (like a cake decorating pen) into the head of your chick for the finishing touch. This profession is great because in a short time and materials it will allow you to make many girls who will make everyone smile.

Variant with piglets

The same method of constructing the chicks can be used to make other animals. You can make little pigs by painting the two joined glasses in pink. Then add a few eyes by drawing them with the marker. Glue card stock / pink paper crescents on both sides of the head to make ears. Cut out a hexagon on card stock or paper, draw two dots in the center and paste it just under the eyes, it will make the pig’s muzzle.

Variant with rabbits

To recreate some rabbits, cut and join two glasses like we did before. Paint them white and add the eyes by drawing them with the marker. Cut out a very small triangle from a pink card / paper and place it just in front of the eyes. It will be the nose of the rabbit. Using the black marker, draw the rabbit’s whiskers with three stripes on each side of the nose. Cut out white cardboard / paper in the shape of a finger and cut out as many in pink but smaller that will be glued inside the blanks. These will be the ears. Glue the whole thing on the rabbit’s neck so that they stand out at the top.

How To Make Animals With Egg Cartons – Caterpillar

How To Make-Animals-With-Eggs - Caterpillar

This crawler machine is very easy to make and looks great. To recreate it you will need the following materials:

  • Egg box
  • The scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Pipe cleaner wire
  • Plastic eyes
  • Green paint or marker
  • Pink plastic flower or ornament

First, cut the box of eggs to get a strip of 6 glasses in one piece. This will be the body of our caterpillar. Turn the tape over so that the the glasses are upside down and paint them green. When the paint is dry, cut two small holes in the front of the first glass of the strip, leaving at least 1 centimeter of separation between them. This is where the antennas will be located.

Take a pipe cleaning wire and thread it through the two holes so that it protrudes at both ends. Fold the wire so that it is vertical and add a curl at each end and you will have fantastic antennae. Now add the plastic eyes with glue and draw a smile with the black tag so that our caterpillar is always happy. Finally, add a flower or ornament to the caterpillar’s head to make it look more “dressed up” and you’re done.

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