Eight it’s a mini-factory hydroelectric which has a turbine to convert the movement of water into energy. The mechanism is inserted into a plastic screw cap which creates a kind of luminous hourglass with the water flowing between the PET bottles. It is a design which contributes to a positive influence on our habits and which can be used independently of any other source of energy. A small hydroelectric power station in your hands.

Kerem Ali Asfuroglu is the designer of this ingenuity. Although it cannot be bought yet because it is not mass-produced, the designer tells us that there will be some new things about it soon, they are working to be able to manufacture it and bring it to market soon.

Small hydroelectric

When water begins to flow from bottle to bottle by gravity, Eight converts kinetic energy into light for a period of time, depending on the amount of water and the size of the bottle. It not only provides light, but also provides a unit of time measurement, just like an hourglass.

Small hydroelectric

When the water has passed from one bottle to another, we will simply turn it over and it will start to generate light again. The refraction in water and the shape of the bottle increase the light.

Eight.  Small hydroelectric

There are different colors of LED to allow users to customize their fixture. Eight cap is universal size, compatible with various sizes of 0.5 to 2.5 liter PET bottles, giving users the flexibility to use different types of bottles.

A 2 liter bottle can provide up to 15 minutes of light, and after like an hourglass you can turn it over and start over.

Small hydroelectric