Do you think Christmas card the craft is too childish? Today you will see that you were confused because there are Christmas cards that you can make yourself, with your own hands and they are phenomenal, with an elegance that makes them worthy of giving. Cards to offer with family or friends or also as a Christmas decoration.

Christmas card material

handmade christmas cards

The materials will change depending on how intricately and carefully you want your Christmas card to be, the basics you will need are:

  • Craft paper
  • Gift wrap
  • The scissors
  • Glue
  • Color papers

How to make a Christmas card?

In this card, two different cards will be used, each a tone and contrasting.
The first thing we’ll do is draw christmas pattern (a star or a Christmas ball, for example) you want or you also have the option to cut it directly from the decorative paper. Once you have it, you paste it on top of the map so that some relief is noticeable.
On the figurine, glue a piece of red and white cord, and the card, as you can see in the following photo. This is a card made with handmade paper from One color, very simple, and there you apply all your imagination so that it is well decorated and colorful.
The idea that the map background is a unique tone is so that it shows sober And it’s the ornament you add that gives your project a certain festive tone.
You don’t need more than that to make pretty cards.

Examples of handmade cards

Here we offer other examples of handmade cards so you can be inspired.

Christmas card
This first photograph is precisely the one we described previously, sober and elegant, easy to do at home and with classic Christmas decorations and typical Christmas colors: red, green and white. A perfect card to send to a friend or also, to place for example next to the Christmas centerpiece, so that each guest at the table has their own.

This second card that we show you below, even if it seems very complex, you can also make it with the little ones of the house.

Christmas card

To make this other map which may seem a little more complicated, you will only need a bit of cardboard and a few scissors:

  1. We cut a rectangle that it is large enough to fold it to the normal size of a card.
  2. Then we take the scissors and do three cuts which will have a depth that will go in the middle of the cardboard in the lower cut, and the other two which have less depth.
  3. Once the cuts are made you fold the cut cardboard inward so that when you open it you will have that three dimensional effect that you see in the photo.

We also show you how to make this beautiful Christmas card:

handmade christmas postcards

  1. You can do this with a pentagram leaf, if you have one, or draw one yourself on cardboard.
  2. Then we do a star with felt and glue it with two tapes, also of this material.
  3. Finally, we can add other stars or small adhesive stars.

You can also choose to create this other map you see below. You only need a brown card (from a cardboard), then with a little paint and a very fine brush you can draw the crown and this “Merry Christmas “so pretty or” Merry Christmas “.


And if you are going to make Christmas cards out of recycled items, then there is nothing like doing something similar to what we see below.

Elegant Christmas cards with recycled cardboard

You only need a little cardboard, we cut it in the shape of a card and finally we would only have to cut several pieces of Christmas wrapping paper, and with them you can make the beautiful design of a Christmas tree, inspired precisely by the Christmas tree that you will surely have at home to celebrate these holidays.

If you still see that crafting isn’t convincing you and isn’t your thing, you can always design your own by computer with different backgrounds that you can download for free.

Christmas card crafts

If you want more craft ideas from Christmas cards to make as a family and surprise all those who wish a merry Christmas with beautiful postcards. The only thing you will need to do is to be careful when sending them, if you are sending them by mail, as they are a bit delicate and can get damaged.


A very different touch that we can do on our Christmas cards is to make a 3d effect. For example, in this photo above, we can see a snowman made of three circles of white foil. You can cut the circles, made with a compass, and then give them a fuzzy blue border to make it cooler and more Christmas.

Then, with cardboard you need to make black circles for buttons, mouth and eyes; and an orange cardboard triangle as the nose of the snowman. Then cut out of brown cardboard which tree branches will make the christmas snowman arm.


We can also make Christmas card crafts with items and materials that we no longer use and have in our home. This way we are recycling of materials unnecessary, giving them a new use to decorate our Christmas cards. In the example of the photo above we can see a Christmas tree decorated with Christmas balls made with buttons of different sizes. The ideal is to glue the buttons with a little contact glue, but to give it more realism, you have to glue a piece of string so that it looks like it goes through the button.


We really like this idea. This is no ordinary Christmas card, but anyone who receives it will love it. All we have to do is take a typical box of flavor pills or candy like juanolas. Then we cover it with cardboard or fabric. On this fabric we draw Christmas details and make a hole in the center of the fabric so that the inside of the pills is visible. Then we draw a white frame around it and on top we put a white cardboard with a Christmas doll face. Finally, you can close it with a bow.


This idea is also very pretty and very rustic with Nordic touches, a very fashionable style. You need a white cardboard, fold it in half and glue a few branches that you found, so that they form the structure of Christmas tree. To top it off, you can use a red button or a cardboard star.

Elegant Christmas cards with drawing lights from card stock

Another idea is the Christmas card made from a simple white cardboard and nothing more than a simple drawing of some Christmas lights. A minimalist Christmas card style that is perfect to gift to those friends and family who love sleek designs without being over the top as is often the case with anything Christmas related.

Elegant Christmas Cards with Felt Cardstock

With a little felt, we can also make a cute Christmas card with simple crafts. With green felt we can make small trees like the ones you see above. You decorate them with a few buttons and you add a little more felt to finish the decoration.


Finally, it’s an idea kids will love. It’s about making a colorful Christmas tree with hama beads. You can buy them at any construction or haberdashery store, but you’ll need to buy multiple cans to have all the colors you need to make your Christmas card.

In this one Photo gallery You can see many other crafts to make simple and very elegant Christmas cards:

Christmas cards handmade step by step

One of the handmade Christmas cards easier to do, is the one we show you below. Read on to find out how to make handmade Christmas cards, step by step.

step by step christmas cards

To make the handmade Christmas card, which we see above, just follow the step by step instructions. You must first fold a paper in halfand draw a Christmas tree on the fold. Then, cut only the bottom of each cut where each tree peak ends. Then turn the card over and glue a piece of white folio paper to the back.


Another very fun idea is to give volume to our Christmas card designs. To do this, we can do as in the photo above and draw a Snowman. Then we glue cotton balls forming the body of the snowman to make it look like a doll 3d. Finally, you can decorate the snowman with Christmas decorations made from colored cardboard or other types of materials.

In this gallery we leave you more step by step handmade christmas card pictures:

Christmas cards for coloring

Children also have a great time while engaging in color your greeting cards. That is why we want to leave you Christmas cards to color, so that your children can enjoy them with you.

the Web

On the Internet we can find already formed postcards, with two sides, to paint only the drawing and write what you want inside.


On the other hand, we can also find only the drawing that we like to color the most and then paste it on a sheet of paper or card stock folded in half, to form our Christmas cards.

Here you can see more coloring christmas cards:

Christmas card gallery