Spain’s first offshore wind turbine was installed in Gran Canaria. A fixed foundation wind turbine built as part of the ELICAN project.

It incorporates a Siemens Gamesa 5 MW turbine.

ELISA technology

A high capacity and cost effective integrated system for offshore wind energy.

The technology is adapted to meet the technical and logistical challenges of the sector, as it moves to deeper places with larger turbines, while allowing for a drastic reduction in costs.

Most of the substructure will be made of precast concrete, which will allow high production rates, as well as high levels of industrialization and quality through prefabrication. This is supported by the extensive and virtually exclusive experience obtained by Esteyco in the design, certification, production and assembly engineering of nearly 500 precast concrete wind turbine towers on an industrial scale.

As a novelty, all assembly of the structure is carried out in the port, moving it with traditional tugs once it is completed in its final location, no special transport vessel is required. They use a technique called “telescoping”, a self-supporting telescopic tower. In this way, the tower is moved taking up less space, so that once it reaches its destination, without the need for large cranes, it can be raised to its working height.

The objective is to be able to take advantage of onshore wind technology to reduce costs.

Offshore wind farms currently have a big handicap compared to onshore wind farms, their higher cost. In its favor, the intensity and quality of the wind resource.

Concrete also cuts costs, achieving savings of 30%. A significant percentage when hundreds of millions of euros are spent on this type of installation.

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This initiative was financed by European Union funds, within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program.

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