Ellum, the portable solar lamp that will make you fall in love

Ellum is a portable solar light with an elegant design, it is finished in wood. With one charge you have 6 months of use, 4 hours of continuous light. It incorporates motion sensors, neodymium magnets, its small solar panel, a regulator and an LED diffuser. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter for its manufacture. By now, they have already achieved their goal and expanded the campaign.

Ellum Solar2

A lamp that you can use for many functions, for example with a guide light. Or to light up your toolbox. The possibilities are limitless.

Ellum Solar4

Features Ellum Solar.

Characteristics of Ellum Solar

  • It incorporates sensors that activate the light when it detects movement.
  • It can be magnetically attached to a metal surface.Ellum Solar7
  • Press the dimmer to control the brightness of the light.Ellum Solar1
  • Solar panel.Ellum Solar3
  • 3.7V 2.400m Ah lithium battery.
  • 240 lumens LED lamp, 3000k and 1.6w color temperature.
  • Hand finished in American walnut and white maple wood.

Where to buy: Kickstarter.