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Today, reading the Gonzalo Ruiz’s blog, one of the gurus of e-commerce in Spain, I find myself in one of his articles with this sentence: “It’s difficult to create what the energy world will be like in a few years, but if you think about these concepts you might agree with me that Energy may be free.

To substantiate this claim, share with us 4 graphics that will probably surprise you, and that is that by looking back a bit and seeing how far we have come, we can probably say that Solar energy powers the world.

Historical price of photovoltaic panels in $ per Watt.

Historical price of photovoltaic panels in $ per Watt

Battery prices.

Battery price

Global solar power capacity.

Global solar power capacity

Global solar power installed and future forecast.

Solar energy installed in the world and future forecasts

Just yesterday I read that a Method to make solar panels cheaper by 20%.

Africa may be the definitive impetus for the expansion of solar energy. Africa receives the highest average solar radiation in the world throughout the year: 95% of the sunlight, over 6.5 kWh / m2 that the planet receives in winter, radiates over Africa. In 2004, the renewable energy sector in Africa was valued at $ 750 million. In 2011, it reached $ 3.6 billion. The UN predicts that by 2020, the value of the renewable energy sector in Africa will reach $ 57 billion.


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