In Sainte-Tule, France, Marc Parent invented a windmill capable of meeting the planet’s water needs that Indians and Americans today want to buy. “It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but at least water won’t be,” says Marc Parent.

He invented an incredible ecological system that transforms the air… into drinking water. Recovering atmospheric humidity is an old dream, on which some researchers have worked without ever finding a solution.

In his workshop, this 43-year-old “inventor” spent more than 10 years doing research to obtain a wind turbine prototype, now in perfect working order. The humidity in the air condenses, the mast becomes a water tank, and at the end of the circuit, several particle filters make it drinkable. You just have to turn on the tap to help yourself, the criminal droughts in Australia are over, the diseases carried by the stagnant water overcome, the miles under a blazing sun to find a source in Africa.

“When I had this idea, it was to help others.” MARC PARENT had a simple idea, technically and humanly, which can revolutionize the world. However, at first, “they took me for a fool”. He was ahead of time, it was hard to convince. In 1997, he worked in the French Antilles in lobster nurseries and was already drawing the first sketches for his “Air-Eau” windmill. From then on, the famous mill produced between 70 and 200 liters of water per day, depending on where it is located.

The next version in 2010 is expected to produce 1,000 liters per day. The higher the mill, the more it produces. With a 50-meter mast, it could collect 25,000 liters per day.

Contacted by great powers, MARC PARENT is now awaiting responses from American and Indian industrialists in order to be able to reproduce his invention in series and reduce costs. “With my system, the subsistence level can be assured, without wind and in very isolated places.” A small transportable model (800 liters of water per day) which can be mounted without a crane, and which can be attached to photovoltaic panels, to power lines or to a generator to produce water without the need for wind or of Sun. Its extraordinary “Two in one” mill produces water and also watts. When we have dry air during the day and humid at night, we can use it to generate electricity, for example water during the day and light at night. Incredible but true! Thanks to his invention, an energy revolution is underway. Water is no longer a scarce commodity.