Continuous Flooring is a trend and Epoxy Resin surfaces allow us to have floors of this type with excellent characteristics and enormous possibilities.

epoxy resin flooring

Epoxy resin floors are the ideal solution for those who want to renovate the floor both in appearance and performance, without carrying out major works.

It is a species of continuous floor, that is, it does not need expansion joints. It is usually purchased separately in two components. On the one hand, the epoxy resin itself and, on the other, a hardening agent. The result is a floor that penetrates the substrate, for example, concrete, ceramic or slate, and then hardens.

It therefore has a great adhesion capacity and after drying, it has enormous resistance to abrasion and impact. They are ideal for industrial applications where heavy machinery exists, which does not mean that they are not also used in other more or less demanding areas. For example, in areas with high traffic of people, such as hospitals and hotels, and also in domestic environments.

The normal thing is that the result of mixing these 2 components is transparent. To give it color, it is necessary to resort to pigments. With that, and a little creativity and know-how, you can achieve just about anything.

Features of epoxy resin floors

  • This can be achieved with an epoxy resin floor, virtually any color, including complex designs.
  • The finishes can be matt, satin or glossy.
  • It is very easy to clean. In addition, as there is no need for gaskets, there are no spaces where dirt can be stored. With water and neutral detergent it is more than enough for cleaning.
  • Waterproof.
  • Anti slip.
  • Do not discolor by the action of the sun
  • It is a self-leveling floor. Which means that it is poured into the liquid state, it is distributed and leveled thanks to gravity. Which means it can be installed on almost all pre-existing floors. It can even be used on stairs.
  • The applied layer is usually very thin, so it does not produce major irregularities.
  • Installation is quick. This, in turn, reduces expenditure compared to other alternatives. However, it is necessary to wait a few days until it is completely dry and can be used.
  • Him epoxy resin floor price They are usually between € 25-50. It depends on many variables such as the quality of the finish, the quantity of product per meter, the state of the soil where it is poured …
  • It is suitable for outdoor use, bathrooms and / or kitchens.
application of epoxy resin flooring

Installation can be complex if you want a perfect result. In addition, calculating the need for the required product requires the assessment of some technical issues.