Interior of a data center
Interior of a data center. Image: Yentafern Shutterstock

Every time we leave stored emails, we are contributing to global warming. We tell you why.

Email seems completely harmless from an environmental point of view, but it has an ecological cost linked to its storage room.

Every time we register an email, approximately 1 gram of carbon dioxide. If you consider that 293,000 million emails are sent, we are talking about 2,930,000 kilos of carbon dioxide.

For example, a business with 100 people generates 13.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide just from the use of email.

Cause of digital pollution.

The emails are hosted in data centers. The information is duplicated for security reasons in case the data center experiences a fire or failure. As they are always on, cooling is necessary for their proper functioning. This process consumes approximately 40% of the energy.

Each person should rate the videos, photos and other documents they receive and send through messaging programs or social networks. It is recommended that you delete unnecessary images or videos so that they stop taking up space on the servers. There are people who turn to specialized applications for this task.

Electricity consumption due to digitization is increasing at a rate of 8.5% per year. A significant amount of energy is required to charge devices, power telephone network infrastructure and power data centers around the world.

Other sources of digital pollution.

Electronic devices contain rare metals. For its extraction, important plant layers are eliminated, it generates armed conflicts and includes child labor.

Smartphones contain precious metals and minerals that are often toxic to the environment. In order for the electronic device to reach the end consumer, it requires the use of various means transport (river, sea and air). So think carefully if you need to change your smartphone or tablet, or if you need additional equipment that you will use very little.

Another way to help reduce electronic waste is to fix anything that can be repaired, to extend the useful life of your electronic devices, the planet will thank you.

Clean up Fox.

A French startup provides the public with a tool used to cleaning the mailbox. It works with all email providers (Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail, among others).

Cleanfox also detects all newsletters. Once all the mail is cleaned, put it in the trash. The company allocates part of its income to reforestation in Zambia.


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