Generate electricity every time you turn on the tap

In countries with limited resources, regular access to water and electricity remains sporadic. Although the supply of potable water has been greatly improved by harnessing groundwater through artisanal wells, the supply of uninterrupted electricity remains difficult and many people are doomed to fight the dark of the night lit by lamps. petroleum or having laptop batteries in their homes. For the most disadvantaged population in places like Africa, the creator Ryan Jongwoo Cho designed the Waterwheel concept, which has the ability to turn pipes into a small hydroelectric generator.

ES pipe water wheel.  Generate electricity every time you turn on the tap

Each time the tap is opened, the water flow from the pipe passes through the installed hydraulic turbine, which converts the kinetic energy of the water into electricity, with it we will charge the batteries of the bulbs attached to the system to be able to illuminate after your charge any stay.

We talked some time ago about another way to generate light with a small continuous stream of water, we talked Eight, a small hydroelectric power station that generates light with two PET bottles and it will surprise you with its design.

Generate electricity to turn on light bulbs every time you turn on the tap

The electricity obtained is direct current, enough to charge small gadgets that incorporate LED lights.

ES pipe water wheel.  Generate hydroelectric power every time you turn on the tap

If you are curious about domestic hydroelectric generation, I recommend these two articles: “Pico-Hydro. Hydroelectric house to generate electricity Y “Manfred Mornhinwegue is building his own in-house hydroelectric power station. “

The installation produces clean energy and uses only the energy created by the flow of water. It is easy to set up and take down, so that the user can easily take the gadget apart and use the portable light wherever it is needed.

ES pipe water wheel.  Generate energy every time you turn on the tap

The operation is very simple, the kinetic energy produced by the turbine placed inside the pipe is used to create small currents of electricity and thus be able to light bulbs with LED technology.

Every time someone turns on the faucet, energy is created which can be stored for future use or applied directly.

ES Pipe Waterwheel Generates renewable energy every time you turn on the tap

We share a video where they show us how it works:


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He was one of the award finalists IDEA 2012 (International Award for Excellence in Design).